Sleigh Your Way Over To Watch “Noelle”


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Noelle Movie Teaser Photo

Jessica Serna and Jenny Garcia

“Most people don’t know what’s in their hearts, let alone someone else’s.”

This line is from the film “Noelle” a fantasy/comedy film now streaming on Disney+. Starring Anna Kendrick as Noelle, Bryan Brendle as Santa Claus, Julie Hagerty as Mrs.Claus, and Bill Hader as Nick Cringle. This film takes place in the North Pole then transitions to Phoenix. 

This film starts when Nick and Noelle are kids and Santa, their dad is putting gifts under a tree for them. He gave Noelle magazines and he gave Nick a Santa hat then he starts to explain to Nick that it will fit him once he is fit and ready to be the next Santa. 

As years pass by Noelle and Nick’s father also known as Santa passes away.

When the time came Nick is trained to be Santa but as we see in the film Nick is more clumsy and Noelle and people in the North Pole don’t believe he is ready for the big job. People around the north pole are scared that Nick will not be ready for Christmas. Noelle then sends him away for the weekend, but he does not come back. Noelle then goes on a mission to find her brother in Phoenix, Arizona.

During her mission, she finds an investigator that helps her find her brother. When she finds her brother he tells her that he doesn’t want to be Santa Claus because it isn’t for him, and how he likes Phoenix. Noelle then does whatever she needs to get her brother back to the North Pole before Christmas. 

At first, the film makes you think that it will be just a normal boring Christmas movie but throughout it was like no ordinary holiday movie. We like how the film looks so realist, for example, the reindeer they used made the film look so much better and made the movie more exciting. We think that the film overall is a great film to watch over Christmas break with friends and family if you want a little laugh and heartwarming moment. It makes you feel more in the spirit of Christmas. 

We rate this movie a four out of five because the movie gets you in such a good mood, and makes you laugh. The ending of the movie was not expected and makes you wish that the movie was longer.