Hoping for a Better SAT Score


Julian Blanco

Senior, Jose Serrano checking his SAT score. Photo taken on Thursday, November 21, at 7:43 a.m. near GFHS's cafeteria.

Julian Blanco, Staff Writers

For most high schoolers, there is dread over having to take the SAT. To attend a good school you have to perform well on “THE TEST.” As colleges become more competitive, so does the expectation for a higher SAT score. 

The first SAT was taken in 1926. Every year since then, the College Board gives multiple opportunities to take the SAT in your junior and senior years. In 2018, more than 2.1 million seniors took the SAT. Each SAT costs $47.50, and $64.50 if it includes the essay portion. In 2019 alone, the College Board is set to make over $1 billion dollars.

On October 16, our high school gym was crowded with over 300 seniors taking the SAT. The test took approximately five hours to complete, with small breaks in between each timed section. But it was not a smooth ride for all people. For senior Andrew Robinson, he was not satisfied with his experience.  “I did not like testing in the gym. There were lots of technical difficulties with the microphone and it took forever for everything to get sorted out. I feel like staff members are inconsiderate about student testing environments,” said Robinson.

For a lot of students that have previously taken the SAT, having it held in the gym was their preferred scenario. Senior Kenia Ramirez said, “I liked it more because it felt more like home. It’s not the same as being at another high school where the environment is different. I felt more comfortable here, so I got a higher score.” 

Because the SAT was held in the gym, many staff members were needed to have a successful session. Noemi Musngi, chemistry teacher, was one of those who proctored the exam. Musgni said, “It went very well. We had a lot of legroom for us to move around and the teachers were actually walking around and checking on the students. It was very orderly. That was the first time I took part in administering the SAT and it went well in my opinion.”  

Now that the October test scores have been released, many students hope to get a higher score.  Many students interviewed felt better about taking the SAT at their own school. Now it’s the wait to see if their score will help them get into their chosen college.