Fall sports conclude, with new records and crushing losses

Juan Salgado, Staff Writer

Susana Leon
Girls and boys Varsity cross country meet on the sixth of November at Santa Clarita

Just like the school year had a quick start so did the fall sports. 

There are six main fall sports: boys and girls cross country, boys water polo, girls volleyball, football, and girls tennis. 

Boys and girls cross country team, had an outstanding season and achieved a spot in CIF preliminary rounds. The last meet of their season was November 6th at Santa Clarita, five runners from varsity reached the top ten-mile averages at the Santa Clarita meet. 

At Santa Clarita, Andrew Bustamante averaged a mile time of 5:21.3 for seventh place, the team captain Alan Rodriguez averaged 5:19.2 for fifth place, Juan Avendando averaged 5:16.6 gaining fourth place, Adalbert De Jesus averaged 5:14.5 for second place, and Anthony Paredes averaged 5:13.8 winning first place.

Going towards CIF preliminaries, Rodriguez said, “I feel great about our team and I feel we have a chance of qualifying for CIF Finals. I feel our team can win CIF because of all the hard work we have been putting into this season”

Just like the boys, the girl’s varsity cross country team had a phenomenal season and also achieved a spot in the CIF preliminary rounds. 

On reflecting making it to CIF preliminaries, team captain Janet Adame said, “We’ve been working hard these past couples of months and I really do believe my team has what it takes to get a good placement.” 

Boys and girls varsity cross country continues to advance and has achieved a spot in the CIF finals. Their race will be on November 23rd in Riverside.

Joyce Feuerborn
Water polo team against Westminster High School. Photo taken on October 31, 2019 at Westminster.

The varsity water polo team had an overall record of 8 wins and 14 losses. This year’s Waterpolo team has achieved the greatest win-loss ratio from the past 4 years. Although the win-loss ratio has improved, they were unable to achieve a spot in CIF prelims.

Boys water polo played a consolation game against Westminster High School and beat them in overtime 9-8.

Team captain William Feuerborn reflected, “Sadly, we did not make CIF, but our team is a well-built team and has great potential. I won’t be there next year because I am graduating, but I do believe our team has what it takes to win CIF next year.” 

The girl’s varsity volleyball team had an overall record of 8 wins and 22 losses this season, unfortunately. They were unable to win the league or achieve a spot in the CIF preliminary rounds. 

After the season ended, team captain Kimberly Alia said, “I think the main goal was to work hard and improve every day and as a team, I think we accomplished the goal. Of course, we had a few setbacks with injured players throughout the season and although we didn’t win the league I’m proud of all the girls for stepping up.”

The varsity football team had an overall record of 1 win and 10 losses and were unable to win the league or qualify for CIF preliminaries. Their one win was due to a forfeit.

Oscar Ramos, a varsity football player said, “If the team didn’t put their heads down after the other team scored we could have probably could’ve had a better season. The frosh/soph. team has talent.”

The girl’s varsity tennis team had an overall record of 2 wins, 2 ties, and 13 losses. Just like the girl’s volleyball team, they were unable to win a league or achieve a spot in CIF preliminary rounds. The team captain was Maria Nieto a senior with a GPA of 4.0.

At the end of season, Jasmin Gutierez, the 2019-2020 Godinez ASB president and varsity tennis player mentioned, “One time a person honked at us for running to the new tennis courts. We only get two hours of practice because we have to practice at another school.”

Overall, volleyball, football, waterpolo and tennis were unable to make CIF, but boys and girls varsity cross country continue to advance in CIF and have achieved a spot in CIF finals.