Club Beat: Environmental Club


Garry Cortes

Presidents of the Environmental Club (From left) Angelica Corarrubias-Cardan and Valerie Farias. throw their recycled bottles in the correct recycling bin, November 21

Garry Cortes, Staff Writer

Pollution can make the earth an awful place. Godinez has a club that could change the environment on campus to keep it clean.

Two students at Godinez formed the environmental club to let students to reuse plastic bags, save water, electricity, and to recycle. They meet every week to work and think about ideas to help the community and the environment. 

Students from the club have blue recycling bins around the campus so people can recycle their bottles responsibly. 

Garry Cortes
Members of the environmental club add blue recycling bins around campus.

“We wanted to change the education of the school and want the students to be more aware of climate change.” said the president of the club Angelica Corarrubias-Cardan

The club meets every Tuesday at Dr. Apostle’s room. The adviser, Barbara Apostle supports the club of the students and is contended that the club is making changes on campus.

“ We try to do large programs at the school like paper recycling and we sell plants. The members of the club also go on field trips, the club is accepting new members, ” said Valerie Farias.

According to the National Geographic, you should look for bottles in your home that can be nixed, and acquire things you can reuse.

“The students that joined this club are aware of pollution and want to make a change,”according to Covarrubias-Cardan.

Farias said that joining this club would make your education more widespread to other different topics, and it would motivate you to do more for the community.

“We are helping the community by allowing students to take the knowledge to their families, and to make glaze changes for their homes and the area where they live, ̈ said Farias. 

According to Harvard health, several million have eliminated red meat but still eat chicken or fish. 

“People are becoming vegetarian to cut down on meat consumption because it reduces greenhouse gases,” said Valerie,

During their meetings, they gather information and talk about how they could make a change on campus and the environment.