We’re Tired of Waiting


Joyce Feuerborn

Writer Mario Campos in front of the open Men’s Restroom looks away as senior Gustavo Adame washes his hands.

The freedom to use the restroom at Godinez Fundamental High School is non-existent but why? 

Last spring, GFHS completely shut down restrooms other than one student restroom for each gender. Godinez has been closing all the restrooms due to student drug use and vandalism. Now every student is paying the price. 

It’s insane how terrible this restroom situation has gotten. For me, it has affected me enormously. This has invaded my privacy, the right to use the restrooms for my own business. I am very upset about the terms that we have to follow. 

There are approximately 2400 students at Godinez Fundamental High School. This is an enormous amount of people for just one restroom for each gender to be open, especially at the most important time of the day which is lunch.

Economics teacher, Robert Morgan said, “We have 2400 students here, but this school was made for a student range of 1300. I understand the struggle of the students because teachers are in the same position.” He’s right. Teachers rush every period for a single restroom they all have to share, according to their building. It seems to be that teachers are in the same boat as the students. 

I have been late to class seven times this semester because of locked restrooms. It’s just not right.

Senior Angel Manzo drinks over a gallon of water a day. On average, he needs to use the school restrooms 3-4 times throughout the day. With restrooms locked, “I have to walk even further. This is a major issue for me. It’s takes time from me learning in class because of my constant looking for an open restroom.”

Students shouldn’t have to wait in line with 30 kids just to use a restroom. This isn’t something students can control, so I disagree with these restrictions.

Not only has administration restricted our restroom usage but we have NO PRIVACY. The door to enter the men’s restroom is now required to stay open. Senior Gustavo Adame feels “annoyed and frustrated that we can’t use the restrooms in private. It makes me really uncomfortable because I don’t know who is looking at me or why people would even want the restroom (door) open.”  Students shouldn’t be able to see the entire lunch line as we walk out of a stall. It’s wrong and really uncomfortable. Just imagine the situation students are put in with no privacy.

 I understand the situation with students vaping and vandalizing the restrooms. But that is no reason to open those doors and leave us with no privacy. An idea for restrooms could be smoke detectors. 

Students are protesting their bathroom rights by trying to force other restrooms to open due to unusable restrooms. I understand the custodian staff is suffering from cleaning it everyday. But students suffer by not having privacy nor the right to use restrooms when they need to use them.

Morgan also added, “ If any students ever asks me for permission for the restrooms I say, yes. I feel bad for students.”

For myself, I use to drink two 16 oz. water bottles at school not thinking or scared to ask to use the restrooms. Now, I don’t finish one. I know teachers won’t let me use the restroom. Some teachers don’t allow students to use the restroom because it takes up a large amount of class time. But it is not the student’s fault that they have to walk across campus just to find an open restroom.

Most of the time, I don’t use it because I’ll miss too much class time. More and more teachers are inputting “bathroom passes” just to prevent kids from wasting their time in class. 

 If all the restrooms were open, it would reduce the time that students spend walking around campus and help them learn more. Students are suffering from the locked bathroom situation and the only thing that could make things worse is a teacher who doesn’t understand. Teachers blame students for being tardy but there is a line of 30 kids to get through to use the bathroom, and when asked if we can go during class time, the answer many times is “no.”

The bathroom situation is ludicrous and affects every student. I am one of the many students here begging for help. We want the restrooms open.