Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Releases with an Explosive Success

Infinity Ward releases a new game with even newer graphics.

Courtesy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward releases a new game with even newer graphics.

Jorge Velasco and Flavio Hernandez

Many of you will remember Infinity Ward’s controversial No Russian mission in Modern Warfare 2. That was the closest we had to terrorist attacks being shown, but with the release of Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward has taken action to show the true colors of society and the world. 

Modern Warfare was released on October 25, 2019, after months of beta testing and released trailers to promote the game’s release. With a total of $600 million being made within three days after its launch day, Call of Duty Modern Warfare has become the most sold game in the Call of Duty franchise of 2019.

One of the contributors to Modern Warfare’s successful launch is due to the campaign exceeded expectations with its cinematic improvements. This year, Infinity Ward announced that they were using a brand new game engine that had been in development for years. The new game engine would allow ray tracing to be shown in the game, as an example of a shot of the game is shown below. 

Courtesy of Modern Warfare
A shot of the game with a new game engine.

After Treyarch released a Call of Duty without a campaign last year, many players were disappointed that it was replaced with a battle royale mode. This year, when Infinity Ward announced that it was bringing back the campaign, many die-hard fans blew up with excitement for the return of the campaign, especially with old faces coming back.

In the campaign, fan-favorite character Captain Price returns to the fight alongside new characters, including SAS Sergeant Kyle Garrick, CIA Operative “Alex”, and Freedom Fighter Commander Farah Karim. The game’s campaign mode tackles real-world conflicts such as terrorist attacks, middle east bombings, and the talks of nuclear weapons being fought over. After beating the game, bonus missions can be played in the Spec Ops section of the game. 

“The campaign was short, but it was an interesting campaign,” Bryant Rodriguez, a veteran player of the COD campaigns, says. “This was one of the first campaigns that I enjoyed playing, with Black Ops 2 being the last campaign I enjoyed playing.”