Recognition for all Grizzlies


Roman Arcos

Varsity football walks onto the field at Glover Stadium in Anaheim on Fri., Aug. 22, 2019.

Erick Pompa and Gustavo Adame

Every sport deserves the same respect.

3 total CIF championships in the last 4 years and yet football continues to dominate in having the most pep and support by the school. Recognition does not seem to be equally shared throughout all sports and some sports have much more success and get none.

Football deserves all the recognition they get and more. Having a school behind them is great and who doesn’t love Friday night lights? Football games give such great energy and have a fantastic atmosphere so it makes lots of sense for them to get so much support from our ASB and school. Football should continue to be supported but the support we have in the fall should not disappear when winter sports come along. Our school pride should carry on into basketball, soccer, softball and boy’s volleyball seasons.

Both softball and soccer have had tremendous success in the last few years and yet the number of students that attend these events doesn’t even compare to the amount that show up to each Friday football game. Supporters showing up to games can create a drive and motivate players to play harder and give it their all.

At this point, it’s not about which sport is good or not because every sport tries its best it’s about which sport would bring more money. The majority of the sports, for example, soccer, cross country, and Waterpolo you don’t have to pay to get in because it doesn’t bring enough fans. 

Cross country won the league title for the 2019 season and hardly got any attention for it. ASB never made posters for them or showed any kind of spirit. “It would mean a lot to us if people came out to our local races and showed support,” said Janet Adame, a cross country runner. “ It sucks that only football is getting the recognition for their season which is not going well”.

Winter sports are starting and hopefully, we see improvement from the school. Other sports want the same recognition. There are many sports who actually win and put theirs all into the sport and all for the recognition they get which is close to none.

“No disrespect to football but they did not have a good season and ended up having all the hype. Our school spirit should get better. It will make every sport feel better if they got some love and support” said Carlos Ventura, a soccer player. There’s no question that the majority of the people wish that ASB would do better. 

ASB has been showing love to the water polo team and in fact, they felt the love. A sport that doesn’t bring a lot of fans.

Left to Right: Varsity water polo players Gilbert Gonzalez, Jude Marting, and goalie William Feuerborn.

Senior water polo player Gilbert Gonzalez, when asked how he feels when people come to his games, said “When people attend our games it is always great to see parents and students show their support. It gives us the motivation to play and have fun.” Athletes tend to feel better and give everything they have when they know they have their school’s support and their friends behind them. “In football, it was great to see stands of people come to support, even though Water polo doesn’t get as much support as football it can definitely be as intense and more enjoyable as football,” said Gilbert Gonzalez when asked what the transition from football to water polo was like.

Lack of spirit is an issue and has an easy and simple solution. Attend your fellow Grizzlies games! If we want all sports to feel appreciated it’s on us to bring the spirit and attend their events.

They deserve it for all the hard work they do and we as Grizzlies owe it to them.