Fortnite receives a 2nd Chapter


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The biggest battle royale game halted servers for 48 hours, leaving people to wonder what was next. During the wait, this black hole loading screen was shown when players tried starting up the game.

Kane Salazar and Brandon Reyes

After getting sucked into a black hole for two days, gamers are ready to hop back into the battle bus and play the newest installment of Fortnite, Chapter 2.

250 million players, 1.7 million views on Twitch and available on 5 consoles. Streamers of the game including Ninja, have teamed up with famous celebrities Drake, Travis Scott, and Lil Yachty in order to achieve a Victory Royale.

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Marshmello and Ninja celebrate winning 1 million for charity at Fortnite Celebrity Pro Am.

The Battle Royale game mode of “Fortnite” received a massive update on October 15, 2019 with a variety of new features  new skill-based matchmaking game which is good because new players get a good experience instead of getting paired with people that have been playing the game for a while, making the 2 day “black hole” worthwhile in the beginning many people thought that fortnite was going to end including a lot of “memes” appearing on Instagram that epic games had deleted fortnite. 

When asked about Fortnite and how long he has been playing, senior Jesus Quintero said, “I think for 2 years.” Upon asking about the new update, Jesus said, “I’m most excited about the fishing rod and being able to pull loot from dead people.” So most people in fortnite have different control setups and Jesus commented “I play with old school.” since “old school is what I played with starting off so I never thought to try something different when what I had works”.

Fortnite made $2.8 billion in 2018 alone and it brought upon the question of how much money does an average player spends on the free to download and play the game. We asked Jesus how much money he has spent on fortnite. He responded, “I have spent about 30 dollars for the battle passes.” However Jesus also replied with “Fortnite isn’t the same as it used to be, most of my friends haven’t been on in a while and league of legends (A PC RPG game) just interests me more.”

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Gameplay picture of new boats, added into chapter 2.

The new things that they have added to the game “Boats,” the swimming ability, new weapons and recently vaulted weapons, fishing rods, new consumables which are fish and a new Map. Also, they made changes to the graphics and sound improvements. 

Senior, Udeliva Arreola, said,” I’ve been playing Fortnite since March 15, 2019.” Udeliva Arreola said, “when I first started playing, yes, it was my favorite game to play but now isn’t because there are too many try-hards on the game and I always die first because I suck.”

Fornite chapter 2 has captured the attention of many people that have been playing Fortnite for a while. Udeliva also said, “I was excited at all the new things they put into the game for Chapter 2 like being able to swim and fish, I’ve wasted about $100 but I know someone who has spent about $400.”

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New battle pass items, featuring new weapons and guns that have been modified.

This new season introduced a lot of new characters like: Journey, Turk, Remedy, Toxin, 8-ball, Cameo, and the tier 100 skin Fusion. A completely new map with a lot of places to adventure with your friends. The update came out on October 15 and by October 16 Epic Games had made $1,800,000.