Watch “Countdown” Before Your Time Runs Out


Courtesy of Warner Bros.

"Countdown" directed by Justin Dec starring Elizabeth Lail premiered October 25, 2019.

Jessica Serna and Jenny Garcia

‘‘If you could find out exactly when you’re going to die…would you want to know.’’

This was a line from the latest movie called “Countdown”, a horror/thriller film. This film takes place in many locations throughout the film. Staring Elizabeth Lail as Quinn Harris, Jordan Calloway as Matt Conroe, Anne Winters as Courtney, Peter Facinelli as Dr. Sullivan, Talitha Bateman as Jordan Harris, Tichina Arnold as nurse Amy, and P.J. Bryne as Father John

The film starts with a group of teenagers at a party, they came upon an app called Countdown which tells a person the exact time they are going to die. Every teenager in that room that night downloaded the app including Courtney and her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the app gave Courtney a few hours to live. This leaves Courtney worried once she leaves the party as she‘s in the car with her drunk boyfriend which she refuses to ride with because she was paranoid.    

A young nurse named Quinn Harris discovered the app by Courtney’s boyfriend who had mentioned to her how this app had killed his girlfriend. By curiosity, Quinn downloaded the app which made her delusional. She later found out that her little sister Jordan had downloaded the app too. Throughout the film, Quinn and her sister are trying to find ways to stay alive. 

Throughout the film, there were many popups that made the film more thrilling and scary. What came to our attention was how they made it look so realistic and dramatic. For example, the demon-like spirit that would come to haunt everyone who downloaded the app. The director, Justin Dec, wanted to let the audience know that there was going to be more to the movie by the way it ended.

We give the movie a four out of five stars because we liked the pop-ups and it left us curious as to what was going to happen next.