Every Costume Has a Story

Susana Leon, Staff Writer

Having Halloween on a school day brought many creative costumes to Godinez Fundamental High School.
At the Grizzly Lounge, many creative costumes were highlighted as GFHS introduced its first Halloween costume contest in search of some spooktacular costumes.

The contest was hosted by the Grizzly Lounge and three judges determined the top three winners. The categories judged were: creativity, quality, and effort. The winners were awarded a spooky basket filled with Halloween candy, cookies, chips, and the first-place winner received a $25 gift card to AMC Theatres.

Grizzly Lounge Coordinator Jose Marroquin who coordinated the contest, said, “It was just an idea of having a contest that allowed students to showcase what they were going to be dressed as for Halloween.” Student leaders of the Grizzly Lounge, including senior Michaela Alvarado, were asked to plan the contest including what prizes to distribute, organization of the how the contest would be run, and execution of the event which included advertising flyers and morning announcements.

Marroquin continued, “This is a new Halloween tradition that the Grizzly Lounge would like to continue.”
The event, which was held outside the Lounge in the patio area, was a major success. “We had over 25 students sign-up and participate in the contest. The effort that some of the students put into their costumes in order to participate was amazing. And it’s only going to get better,” added Marroquin.

Marroquin’s favorite costume of the contest was “Forrest Gump.” He liked that student Dalia Gutierrez used a bad knee injury as the set up for her costume. Gutierrez added her knee braces from her time recuperating the injury to recreate young Forrest.
Gutierrez was only one of many creative costumes worn on Friday, October 31, 2019. So let’s look into the process of what inspired Grizzlies, just like Gutierrez, to get into the Halloween spirit.