Enjoy Your Meal With the Best Food Deals at La Petite Sourie


Yesenia Zavala

La Petite Sourie, employee Caesar stands outside the restaurant.

Yesenia Zavala and Jesus Almazan

Late starts are usually nice days to sleep in, but having a place to eat with your friends in the mornings is even better. 

La Petite Sourie is a French Cafe that serves delicious breakfast, lunch and gourmet coffee. This is an inexpensive and a close place to eat at if you are on a budget and want to have delightful morning breakfast. It is located at the South Coast Marketplace on Fairview and MacArthur Blvd.

La Petite Sourie is labeled as one of the best restaurants on Yelp with a 4.6 review. “This is a cute little casual cafe with breakfast and lunch items.It’s small with friendly service but the menu is a bit limited” said customer Esther on Yelp. The restaurants popular dishes vary from French Toast, Eggs Benedict, and Croque-madame. People have fallen in love with the French toast due to the fruit that is provided with the breakfast dish. The French Toast includes six pieces of toast, bananas, berries, and melons, and apples. 

“Our restaurant has a friendly staff and our food is fresh and organic,” said Valarie de la Forite-Kemp. Valarie de la Kemp has been running this business for seven years. 

One of the least popular foods they have is the “Croque-Madame.” It is French bread, béchamel, ham, and Swiss cheese and an over-easy egg. It costs $9.75. 

Here, writer, Jesus Almazan is shown all the tasty desserts by chef, Christian Chereau. Taken by Yesenia Zavala on September 25, 2019. 

La Petite Sourie was established in 2013 and has been running for seven successful years. Fortrie-Kemp works with her business partner Christian Chereau, who is a world-renowned pastry chef who only makes fresh organic recipes. 

Forte-Kemp is French from the city of Toulouse but has been in the United States for 39 years. “The goal was to open an authentic French Bistro, like the ones you would frequent in the South of France. The portions are big, the food is fresh and organic and the pastries are made daily and truly divine. The restaurant is open all 7 days of the week from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. Customers usually spend $5-$12 here. “My goal was to bring an authentic French experience to Santa Ana with affordable prices, come give us a try, you won’t be disappointed. Bon Appetit et a bientot”, said Fortrie-Kemp.