Who will crown themselves kings of European football this season?


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Champions league: The Champions League is a competitive competition held in Europe that features the top teams of different soccer leagues.

Anthony Rendon and Jose Serrano

The most prestigious sports event of European football has returned, exciting millions all over the world in hopes that their club will win the crowning title champions of the UEFA Champions League.

The top teams in Europe are Spain, England, Germany, and Italy, alongside other rivals who will fight for the biggest trophy. The first games started last week leaving fans wanting more and already eager to know if their team will be, the winner of this tough competition. 

It is tough to predict who will win the competition right now with many clubs displaying great football and individual stars shining on the pitch. However, we believe that the finalists of this competitive competition will be: Atletico Madrid from Spain and Paris Saint Germain from France.

We went around campus asking students for their opinions on this season’s Champions League. 

Senior, Vincent Tapia, gave us a prediction for this year’s Champions League.

Tapia said, “I believe PSG will win because they have a great offense and their defense is looking young and talented.” He also said, “Chelsea could be the underdog team this year because no one expects them to get far and they have a very young team.”

The second person we interviewed was senior, Diego Cruz.

“I believe Manchester City has the best chance to win because they have a great squad right now and are well organized as a team.” Cruz said. He added, “Ajax could be the underdogs again this year because right now they are showing that they can and are looking good out on the pitch.”

Last year’s Champions League had many surprises with smaller “years” performing excellent, bigger teams underperforming and games in which there were comebacks and individuals shining. We doubt this year will be any different.

Senior, Mauricio Rosete said, “It is always a race between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the top goal scorer, but I believe Ronaldo will come out on top this year.” Cristiano Ronaldo is the all time top scorer of this tournament and he is expected to bag a good amount of goals every year. 

After the first fixtures that were played last week it is safe to say that this year, the Champions League will be as exciting as always. Many teams have a great chance to win it all as they have strong squads and spectacular players on their teams. We must wait to find out who will lift the trophy and crown themselves kings of Europe at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Turkey on Saturday, May 30, 2020.

Till then the fans are looking forward to the group stages and knockout rounds. Fans are excited to witness their favorite soccer team battle it out and hope that their team ends up winning it all.