Grizzlies, Take Advantage Of Your Privileges


Ana Moreno

During 1st lunch, Senior Adrian Alvarez purchases a homecoming ticket from the Activities Office. Photo taken Oct. 10, 2019, inside the ASB room.

Ana Moreno and Cecilia Sanchez

When an item is on sale, people are more inclined to buy it; so why aren’t Grizzlies buying the ASB card?

With a student ID card, one has the option to purchase an ASB sticker, which gives students free access, or discounts, to school events. Despite students having the opportunity to save money, sales aren’t looking too good. “I don’t have the card because I don’t mind paying extra for games and dances,” said sophomore Diana Martinez. “It’s not convenient for me to buy the card if I’m not going to all the events.” 

Although not for everyone, the ASB card is extremely beneficial to those who want to attend school events regularly for a total, reduced cost. “I got it to save money,” said Senior Alberto Diaz. “I want to participate in more events and show school spirit,” Diaz continued. 

Senior classes tend to be divided on how they want to spend their money, as most start to worry financially about college and other expenses. The ASB card is not mandatory to buy, but it does help relieve wallets for Grizzlies. 

Even with further discounts provided by the school, seniors still neglect buying other luxuries, such as the “Senior Packet.”

The senior packet consists of a class shirt, yearbook, panoramic picture, mug, senior breakfast/picture, senior gift, prom, and “Disney Gradnite.” If purchased early, the Senior Packet total is $330. 

“I honestly did not know when the last day was,” said senior Steven Figueroa, who did not purchase the senior packet. With late notice, students do not have time to earn or have their parents lend them $100 for their deposit. Figueroa said, “I forgot to mention it [to my parents].”

Even though some seniors will not purchase the senior packet, others, including Sofia Galvez, will be doing so. “I know that there’s a lot of activities during the school year. Plus, I haven’t gone to any of the school dances and wanted to have a big experience,” said Galvez.

Prom is the biggest dance to attend when you are a senior. With the senior packet, your prom ticket is $50. Without the special, seniors pay $90. The senior class consists of 541 students; over 300 students purchased their packets as of October 9, 2019. 

The ASB department, yearbook advisor Marissa Eliott, activities office, and Godinez staff continue to work extremely hard to make the last year for the class of 2020 memorable. Take advantage of what our staff does for us and buy your ASB card and Senior Packet. You won’t regret it.