Conquering your Senior Year

Are seniors prepared for the next chapter of their life?

Roman Arcos, Susana Leon, and Wendy Rodriguez

Ivan Montano and Ivan Ortiz

When you start high school, you look forward to senior year. Now that senior year has arrived, it is going to go quick.

Senior year is mostly prioritized around the involvement of prom, the thrill of high school games, and most important, graduation. All the steps taken from the years before have led to this moment of becoming an adult and no longer a teenager.

The excitement is beginning with college applications and applying to your more desirable colleges.

Senior, Celine Miguez, is one senior who is busy applying to multiple colleges. Miguez said, “I still am unsure of where to apply, but know that I want to go to a four year university.”

Another senior, Yadira Paz, knows, “which colleges and which universities I want attend to. I have began my college applications for the UC and Cal State universities I want to apply to,” said Paz.

There are some students that are ready for what is next, while on the other hand there are others who are not so sure what they are going to do after high school. Senior, Andy Martinez, thinks, “I am ready for what is to come next after high school. I have looked at the colleges that I want to apply to and am ready for when the college applications begin.” 

Another major factor with seniors is “senioritis” when a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college are characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. One senior, Diego Sanchez, said, “I have been struggling with my grades for a bit from the beginning of the school year but I am working on improving them and making them better.”

Most students tend to get caught up on their work claiming that at times they are given too much school work and are not able to handle all the tasks they are given.

Another senior, Guillermo Garcia, said, “At times there are days where teachers give little to no homework while other days it is like all the teachers give out a project due the following day.”

Overall, senior year is something to be excited about since there are a variety of activities that will give this year meaning and memories that you will remember for a lifetime. Some of these activities include spending time with friends and senior activities such as prom and grad night.

But remember, graduation day is the reward for all the hard work seniors have put in throughout their school years. So get involved and make some memories. May will be here soon enough.