Escape with Brad Pitt in the new movie “Ad Astra”


Courtesy of Disney studios

Brad Pitt in the poster for his new movie.

Jenny Garcia and Jessica Serna

“The near future. A time of both hope and conflict. Humanity looks to the stars for intelligent life and the promise of progress.’’

This is a line from the latest film “Ad Astra,” a drama/fantasy film starring Brad Pitt as Roy McBride who plays an astronaut and Tommy Lee Jones as Clifford McBride, who plays the role of Roy‘s long lost father. The film first takes place on Earth, then his mission to find his father leads him into space. 

This film starts with the government space program that is threatening humanity and in crisis. The only man who is able to stop it is McBride. Roy’s father goes to space for an experiment that may have the answers the space program needs. Roy’s mission is to bring back his long lost father who has dangerous material that may have destroyed the solar system. While on this mission, McBride witnesses space creatures and also finds self-fulfillment. 

Before watching this film, we didn’t expect much out of it, but what got our attention was the creativeness of the film and how everything looked so realistic. Pitt plays the role of McBride with so much emotion. For example, when he found out that his father is somewhere in space or when he knew he was only being used by the space program to find his father, the frustration in his face is all you need to see in order to understand everything he is feeling. 

We think that the editing overall is dramatic and you can see that the director of this film wanted to make everything look so out of this world and added a lot of action in space from blood and sound effects to astronaut space suits that make the film come to life. 

We liked this film because it shows how strong a son’s love is and how that love made him go all the way to space to find his father. Though it may look boring at first, the movie overall leaves you speechless. 

We rate this movie three out of five stars because although the film showed a lot of action and drama, the ending was not expected and we would have liked it to have a different ending.