New School Year Brings New Improvements to Godinez

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Wendy Rodriguez

From Left to Right: Seniors and Journalists Erick Pompa, Roman Arcos, Susana Leon, and Cynthia Molina patiently wait for the new equipment to arrive in the workout room located at the bottom floor of building 1.

Wendy Rodriguez and Karina Bartolo

On August 12, 2019, a new school year at Godinez Fundamental High School commenced and as students took their first steps onto campus, many noticed the new improvements made over the summer.

Godinez staff including Principal Jesse Church, teachers, and custodians worked tirelessly through the summer preparing for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Some changes are clear and visible such as the brand new gymnasium floor that’s thematically designed: THINK Godinez!  

Other changes are still in progress. The workout room located in building 1 is being redesigned to include a variety of new equipment.  

Church is planning to update the male restrooms by adding dividers in the upcoming months. 

According to Church, the gymnasium was shut down for 30 days over the summer while the floor was redesigned. Church has been planning for new improvements since the moment he stepped foot onto campus three years ago. 

“I believe in what we call curb appeal. I believe that even when you dress well or if you have new clothes on, I think you feel good about yourself and I apply that to a working and learning environment,” said Church.

Church allowed the Physical Education department to play a major role in making the workout room a place where students and teachers enjoy. Sara MacLennan, PE department head, said some new equipment includes: “spin bikes, row machines, pull up bars, exercise balls, a set of ten yoga mats with videos,” and so much more. 

The goal is to create a circuit class where students not only work on one body part but rather all body parts. With new equipment, it’s so much easier to create different workout routines. MacLennan said, “I’m excited to see all students and teachers use the new equipment and improve their fitness.”

Concerning all the changes being made, Church said that it’s a collective effort among teachers, custodians, and Associated Student Body (ASB). He said hopefully the first phase is done before the end of the first semester, but of course, it is a work in progress and it does take time. 

 “I would at least like to preserve the things that have been done and maintain them,” said Church.

Sophmore Heydee (Henny) Rea looks forward to new changes being made and said, “Making a change, enhances school spirit and with that being said, I really do think a little change makes a difference.” 

Senior Jackeline Hernandez feels like, “it’s a good chance, not just for seniors, but for the freshmen, so they can see how our school is improving.” Hernandez thinks that it leaves a story at Godinez and it will motivate students. 

“THINK Godinez,” said Church.