Jonathan Ramirez Wasn’t the Same Without his Team


Roman Arcos

Jose Torres, number 22, and number 59, Jonathon Ramirez putting pressure on the defense during the Magnolia Game On a Friday night. Pc: @romvnshoots

Mario Campos and Jonathan Uriostegui

After leaving the Godinez football team junior year for a job, Jonathan Ramirez missed the Friday night lights.

This season, Ramirez, now a senior made his return to varsity football as a starting offensive lineman and outside linebacker. 

Ramirez first started playing football when he joined the Godinez football team as a freshman. Then his junior year he had got a job at 7-Eleven and thought it was too much of a commitment to be working and playing at the same time. So he decided to quit playing football.

I felt like I belonged on the field beside them

— Jonathan Ramirez

Although Ramirez was not playing, he would still attend most home games when his work schedule allowed him time off.

He would support his former teammates and while doing so he realized he missed the game. “Watching them play did not feel right, I felt like I belonged on the field beside them,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez found out a schedule that would fit and allow him to play and work at the same time. He returned to the team this summer with confidence. “I brought energy and commitment to the team. I am always hyping up my teammates and always trying to be a good role model,” said Ramirez.

Outside Linebacker Adrian Fernandez said, “Jonathan is a reliable player and he can play in any position that he is needed.” It is true, Number 59 has been having open switches to positions just for the team, which says a lot about a player. 

For senior year Ramirez is working hard to help his team win league. His family is very supportive of him playing on the team. They attend most home games that they can and after the game, they take him to his favorite restaurant, Raising Canes.

Ramirez’s mother, Maria, said in Spanish (which has been translated for our readers), “We always take him out after games because no matter the results, he deserves it.” Ramirez’s mom continued, “I know my son works hard every day and he also works his job. I love my son and I’m always here to show support and love.”

Ramirez sees the support from each Grizzly at the games. As a key player,  he wants the school to show love for the team at each  game.

Safety Manuel Cruz said, “Jonathan increases the player’s spirit and aggressiveness on the field”. So far this season Ramirez and has been living up to his potential as the Godinez.

The football coaches have high expectations for Ramirez on and off the field.

“I expect the greatest out of Jonathan he is the leader of the unit. On the field, he makes plays always as a leader on and off the field that’s the reason his teammates look at him as a leader,” said Coach Luis Chavez. 

The team’s next game is Friday, September 20, 7 p.m. at Segerstrom High School. They will be facing Rancho Alamitos High School.