An Interview with Freshman who are taking AP Classes


Jessica Garcia

Picture of Isabella Nevarez and Alexis Gutierrez, reviewing for Macroeconomics. This photo was taken on May 28, 2019, at 9:45 a.m. at the lunch area at Godinez Fundamental High School.

Jessica Garcia, Staff Writer

“We realize it will only get harder,” said freshman, Isabella Nevarez and Alexis Gutierrez.

While some students are already getting ready for summer, others are stressed about AP classes, specifically the AP exams. For the first time, freshmen were allowed to challenge themselves with a class that was only allowed for seniors: AP United States Government and Politics and AP Macroeconomics.

Isabella Nevarez, member of the Distinguished Grizzly Program (DGP) currently holds a 4.6 GPA. Nevarez challenged herself with AP Gov & Pol and AP Econ as well as three honor class which include Biology Honors, Algebra II Honors, and English 9 Honors. She is also in advanced Spanish class, Spanish Cult B, and is currently the only freshman. Last semester, she earned straight A’s.  

Alexis Gutierrez, also a member of the DGP, holds a 4.3 GPA. Gutierrez is challenging herself with AP Gov & Pol as well as AP Econ. Just like Nevarez, she is also taking three honors classes which include the following: Biology Honors, Algebra I Honors, and English Honors.

We sat down for a roundtable discussion on what the Distinguished Grizzly Academy is like.

What was the most difficult thing about taking AP classes as a freshman?

Nevarez: “Macroeconomics is not something you hear about, it’s hard being in a class you have no knowledge about, which contributes to making it harder to grasp each topic”

Gutierrez: “Government and Politics are hard just alone, it makes it more difficult when you are a procrastinator, the hardest thing is just simply staying on top of your work, packets pile up very fast.

What was the easiest?

Both girls agreed that it was easy since they were able to get close and help each other out. Nevarez: “It was nice to know that I was not the only one struggling, we both had the same problems”

Gutierrez: “I really like the fact we have three classes together so we understand all of the workload and the pressure.”

Do you enjoy the class?

Nevarez: “Yes because Mr.Espinoza is really encouraging and is very understanding. He offers extra credit and understands we all have other responsibilities.”

Gutierrez: “Yes and no, yes because Mr.Espinoza constantly reminds us that he is not so worried about our AP scores but of what we get out of the class and no because, of all the pressure even though we are reminded that the AP scores do not define us, I would still like to pass and see my effort pay off.”

Do you believe the classes will help you in the future?

Nevarez: “Yes, AP Gov. & Pol. is important and something we should all have knowledge about, it helps me understand current events and makes it easier to understand how each movement connects to one another. AP Econ. on the other hand has definitely made me a more cautious consumer.”

Gutierrez: “Yes, I am a strong believer that both classes will help us in the future even if we do not major in business or politics.

Are you planning to continue AP classes next year?

Nevarez:“Yes, next year I am signed up for two AP classes, I feel like once you start you only feel the pressure to take more.”

Gutierrez:“ Yes, AP classes are like an addiction, once you take one the only right thing to do is take more and challenge yourself with more and more. each other”

How confident are you with the AP exams?

Nevarez: “Not so confident but hoping for the best, I believe the essay will be the most difficult, I am at least aiming for a two, but a three would be great.”

Gutierrez: “I am not too confident since I tend to panic and forget everything when I am under pressure, I think the hardest thing will be managing our time wisely.”


We wrapped up the interview and thanked each other for their time.

Both girls took the AP United States Government and Politics exam on May 6, 2019, and the Macroeconomics exam on May 15, 2019. Now the only thing to do is wait for the scores in July.