Who has Murder on Their Mind?

The curious and sad case of rap's YNW Melly.


Miramar Police Department

YNW Melly mugshot taken by Miramar police station in Miramar, Florida.

Jonathan Uriostegui

Jamell Maurice Demons, best known as his stage name YNW Melly. He is currently 19 years old. He could be facing the death penalty for allegedly killing his two best friends Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr, that was also apart of YNW. Melly had been involved in multiple criminal activities.

On October 19, 2005, Melly fired shots towards a group of high school students nearby Vero Beach High School and would later be arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He would spend a year in jail and while in jail he wrote his hit song “Murder On My Mind”.

YNW Melly was arrested for possession of a weapon and marijuana, on June 30, 2018. Also, Cortlen Henry better known as YNW Bortlen was also be arrested with Melly having similar charges. They would both be realized on bond the following day.

On October 26, 2018, the deaths of Melly best friends Anthony Willams, better known as YNW Sakchaser and Christopher Thomas, also known as YNW Juvy had been killed. They were both shot multiple times in a car. There have been two sides of this story of what had allegedly happened that day.

After having all his allegations all over social media for everyone to see his music became controversial. A student from Godinez Fundamental High School Tomas Diaz said “I use to like listing to YMW Melly but knowing everything he has done it just not the same vibe listing to him. “Listening to Murder On My Mind” before his allegation was a good song but I haven’t listened to the song the same since I found out the song was a confession of what he did.”

YNW Melly has claimed that it was a drive-by and that was the cause of the deaths of his best friends. The investigators are saying otherwise while Melly stories do not match the crime scene. The investigates claim that shots had to have come from inside the vehicle according to the way the wound paths are. The Investigators are also claiming Melly could possibly be linked to a shooting of an officer.

On January YNW Melly would release an album called “We All Shine” which features major artist like Kayne West. At this point, Melly knew that he was on his way on becoming a mainstream artist. “Murder On My Mind” had been a huge success it reached 20 on the Hot 100 for Billboard. Melly would also gain a huge amount of attention when the cops had been saying he killed both of his best friends.

YNW Melly turned himself in on February 14, 2019. He is currently behind bars and his bail was denied for his double murder charge. Melly has pleaded not guilty.

The state of Florida is seeking the death penalty for Jamell Maurice Demons.