Swan Song 2019: Liana Sanchez

Liana Sanchez

All the juniors that I asked what college they were going to, they had their whole life planned out. I felt really discouraged because I didn’t know what career path I wanted to take or what college I wanted to go to. I have worked so hard throughout my high school experience, getting good grades, joining many clubs and opportunities. I felt bad about myself because I worked so hard and I didn’t want to waste it all away. As junior year came to an end, I started thinking about the things that I loved and if I could make a career out of it.

Art popped up into my mind, and I realized that I can make a living on being creative. Art has always been a big part of my life, and I am always creating something out of nothing. I took art my freshman year and I continued to take it throughout high school. As the school years progressed, the more serious I started to think about my art and the career that I can choose from it. I finally decided that I wanted to be an art teacher.

I knew what I wanted to major in but the hard part was deciding which college. I have great grades, so getting into all my Cal States was pretty easy. In the beginning of senior year, when we applied for colleges, I wouldn’t have guessed that I would be going to Santa Ana College due to financial issues. I have a single mother, so paying for college was going to be a problem. There are so many students who are deserving of going to a Cal State or a UC, but they can’t because of how expensive schools are getting.

For a while, I was sad about going to a community college because I knew I could have gone to a higher level school. I put all those feelings beside me and I know that if I just work hard enough, I can transfer out into a more ideal college.

This school has definitely helped me decide what I want to do after high school. There are a wide variety of classes that can help shape the minds of students who are having trouble on what they want their careers to be. If you are interested in media arts then you can take journalism, yearbook, or photography. Also having classes like medical core and medical assistant can encourage students who want to specialize in the medical field.         

This school has also benefited me with different opportunities that could eventually influence what career path I want to take. I am currently working on a mural right next door at the Heritage Museum of Orange County. This experience greatly developed my skills with working on such a big canvas that is very textured. Working with professional muralist has widened my view on what it’s like to be an artist for a living.

I am also working on mural at Mile Square Park for a monarch butterfly day event. I have full control over this mural, since we were able to design what we wanted to have on it. Creating these murals will become very beneficial in the long run because they prepare me to become a better artist.

I am very excited to be graduating this year. I owe it all to my teachers who have wanted to see me strive and the teachers that have worked so hard to make sure that I succeed. I am also proud of all the seniors because of all the hard work that they have put into this school. I want every senior to know that it doesn’t matter what school you go to, as long as you work hard and study what you love.