Staff Spotlight: Noemi Musngi

Mario Campos and Angel Manzo

Growing up shy, not knowing where life was gonna take her Noemi Musngi ended up in one of the best schools in Santa Ana. She grew up with many struggles financially, and being raised with not the best support many kids get.

Musngi was born in the Philippines, Ipil Zamboanga del Sur. Although Musngi is a little shy, she loved to play with her siblings. But Musngi never really had a lot of toys, so she creative enough to make her own.

“I chose to teach chemistry to practice my profession, I had to stay in Manila to work in the industries. I didn’t like staying there because it was congested and polluted, so I went back home to our province,” she said.

Former student, junior Arianna Guillen who took her Chemistry Honors class during sophomore year said, “Ms. Musngi classroom was a great learning environment that encouraged me to want to gain new information and feel comfortable enough to ask questions”

“The only thing that you could do most is teach. So I taught Chemistry and Math”, says Musngi. She was shy as a kid. Musngi had struggled when she immigrated to the United States around 24 years ago. She did not know the culture and was bringing her experiences and background she had from the Philippines. “I came from a brood of eight and in the Philippines, there is no student loans” stated Musngi.

She also obtained her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry Engineering at the University of Santo Tomas and her master’s degree in education major in Chemistry at De La Salle University. She had attended California State University Fullerton to obtain her CLAD certificate and received her credentials to teach Mathematics and Chemistry. Both of these universities are both located in the Philippines.

She has been part of the Santa Ana Unified School District for 24 years. She first started teaching at Sierra Intermediate School for her first two years where she taught Mathematics. After those two years, she transferred to Villa Fundamental Intermediate School where she also teached Mathematics for ten years.

“My first experience with Ms. Musngi  was of gratitude because her style of teaching is so understandable. I saw her as a teacher that wants to make a difference in the success of her students,” says sophomore, Ky-Vinh Mai.