Swan Song: The Path that Grew Passion

August to May, its fast and no one notices, unless, it’s ASB then everyone notices.

This photo was taken on Friday, April 12, at the Powderpuff game.

Christopher Mejia

This photo was taken on Friday, April 12, at the Powderpuff game.

Ashley Beltran, Reporter

When I was a middle schooler at Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School, I had to decide which high school to attend. My option was the lottery: Segerstrom or Godinez. Godinez accepted me and since Segerstrom didn’t, I decided to become a Grizzly.

At orientation, I saw a familiar face, Andrea Franco, who handed me an ASB Packet telling me to join. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have won my interview and received the position of freshman class president. This, is where my path started.

Tell us about yourself, I thought to myself while I let out “I like to watch anime and I love steak.” That was my introduction to ASB. Funny? Maybe, but the most ironic thing to have happened to me that year was that I wanted to quit. As a freshman, I was harsh on myself. I believed I was not doing my job properly and had too many tardies. My advisor, Daniel Tena, told me, “if this is what you want, then let me know.” I wanted to be like the upperclassmen who cared so much for their class. So, I came to realization that it is a process, where you learn and grow.

My sophomore year I decided to run for sophomore class president. I received the position and I tried my best to raise the spirit in my class, getting them involved in activities and created a 2019 class account. Later that year, I decided to run for something bigger. I ran for ASB President and lost.

I was no longer a class officer, but a spirit commissioner. To people this might be like “what is that?” What people do not realize is that there are other positions in ASB. We all do about the same amount of work or in some cases, more. Losing hurt, because that was my first time losing an election. I cried, a lot, the result was not something I expected and I lost friendships. But a title does not define you, your actions do. I started living by that saying my junior year.

Senior year happened and, I took a risk and ran for ASB President, again. Luck was on my side and I won my presidency. However, good things come to an end.

Maybe I am being biased but I felt like my cabinet and the class was superb. A new aurora was going to approach Godinez. Consequently, actions speak more than words. I was removed from my position due to a severe conflict I was part of. What was an inside joke got turned into something bigger, it was horrible. I remember my advisor telling me I was going to be removed from my position. I felt my life literally falling apart. Something I waited for so long and just in a blink of an eye, it was gone. To people this may sound cliche, but, how would you react in a situation like this?

Coming to school, I did not care about my appearance. I felt my life falling apart, I was angry and sad. I cried for several days. It even got bad to the point where I wanted to move schools. I did not care about the future, I was more focused on the present and wondering what would make me calm down.

This was a matter of taking responsibility from my actions and knowing what I did was wrong. “You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending” a quote by C.S. Lewis crossed my mind when I decided to turn my life around. I had two options; leave ASB or stay in as a commissioner. I chose to stay.

ASB in the morning was difficult since I would think about the “what ifs.” But thinking about the “what ifs” only makes things worse. I am thankful for my family and friends who were there for me in this tough moment. They helped me adjust to the situation and continue to strive in class and at school. Sometimes, there would be days where I would remember and get sad but then I realized it’s not worth reminiscing since you have no control over it.

Due to my incident, I had extra time to explore different activities. I joined Speech, and through that I was able to travel to three different states. Since I did not hold a heavy responsibility, it made it easier for me to attend my practices for the dance team I was on at Irvine, called Underground. Overall, my four years at Godinez have been phenomenal from the different people I have met, to the many extracurricular activities I joined including: California Auxiliary Girls State, Project Self, Journalism, Key Club and the National Honor Society.

I hope people can take away from my experience that it is ok to mess up because you get to learn, about the situation, yourself and life. And learning is a valuable asset. Redirect. Get up, brush yourself off, and go find something else to make your four years in high school memorable. I’m so glad I did.