Experiences & Differences, Being in the Distinguished Grizzly Program


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Distinguished Grizzly Program.

Alex Bernal

The Grizzly Distinguished Program contains a small group of students. This is the first year of the program which 28 freshman are apart of. These students take a lot of advanced classes in order to prepare them for college. Their class schedules are already made for all four years. The goals for these students are to be college ready and have college credits when graduating from Godinez.

There are many advantages of being in this program. Member, Jenessa Hernandez, said, “ One of the benefits of this program is that we get to have A.P. Government and Economics as freshman.” These classes are usually taken by seniors, this is the first year that freshman are able to take these classes. “ One benefit of being in this program is that there are a lot more people that try and help us succeed,” said Christina Lopez.

The Distinguished Grizzly Program, helps a lot of students now and in the future. Diego Jimenez, president of the class, said, “ So far this program has tested my time management skills and I definitely think that going forward in high school, should be something very valuable.” With all the advanced classes these students take, they have used a lot of their time on homework and studying. Not to mention clubs and sports. Lopez added, “ So far being in this program has helped me get out of my shell and made me want to join a lot more clubs on campus. Now I’m involved in seven clubs and a sport.”

These students are different from the other freshman at Godinez. They take harder classes and are challenged more. Hernandez said, “ We are different from the other freshman because of the classes we take and the workload that we get.”  Lopez said, “ One way we’re different from the other freshman, is that we take A.P. Government and Economics, two senior classes.”

This is a great program to be apart of. You get lots of help to prepare you for college such as taking advanced classes and visiting colleges throughout the year. Lopez said, “ There’s a lot more pressure but it gives us motivation to succeed and have successful lives.”