A Taste of Summer Plans


Ana orozco

Summer 2018 at the OC Fair-Ferris Wheel.

Summer is around the corner and school is coming to an end. Most people enjoy being inside, but others love being outside and going to places outdoors.

If you are on a budget. There are many places to go and enjoy with friends for free or little money. Here are some spots to go and have a memorable summer that is the best one ever.

If you love spending time outside a perfect place to go to this summer is the OC Fair in Costa Mesa. The OC Fair has many rides, petting zoos and, different live events, where they have a variety of singers performing.

Other events that are found in the fair are: competitions, contests, community and live entertainment. One main attraction that people love going for is the food.  There are many varieties of food including lots of fried food, desserts, and the famous turkey leg.

Tickets to enter cost $12 from ages 13-59. For ages 6-12 and seniors the tickets are $7. This year the fair is open July 12 – August 11 and we suggest buying the unlimited carnival ride wristband for $30. The fair is open only on Wednesdays-Sundays, from noon till midnight.

Ana Orozco
Reporter Yesenia Zavala at The Lab Anti Mall.

The Lab, which is located in Costa Mesa is an outside mall that includes boutique shops, one-of-a-kind eateries and art showings. It has all kinds of different things, like poetry readings, a lounge where you can relax, and many backdrops where you can take great photos.

What makes The LAB unique is the different kinds of stores they have to shop. Not many malls have Urban Outfitters, a thrift store, a cafe and a huge courtyard all in one, which is why many people like to come here for impromptu photoshoots. After all, they do have many beautiful arts and vintage backgrounds including a wall that spells out “HOPE.”

One of their famous art pieces would be the green barrels. Many instagram models like to take pictures in front of this.

Ana Orozco
April 7, 2019, the view from Getty Museum.

If you enjoy art and want to seek knowledge about history you should visit the Getty Museum. It is one of the world’s largest art organizations.

The museum is located in Los Angeles and has two campuses: The Getty Center and The Getty Villa, which is located in Malibu. Both are located in separate areas,  not far from each other.

There are some splendid areas to spend time with family and friends including ideal places to take photographs and numerous exhibitions to look and learn from.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. Parking is  $20 and after 3 p.m. it is $15. To enter the museum you can wait for a tram or walk. The museum has a mini cafe with a variety of snacks.

Another fun place you can visit you during the summer is Knott’s Berry Farm. Knott’s Berry Farm is an amusement park located in Buena Park. It is a place you can visit with both friends and family.

There are many different rides for those who enjoy a thrilling roller coaster ride. There are a couple of water rides and an arcade filled with many games.

The park is split up into different sections known as: Ghost Town, Calico Park, Fiesta Village, and Camp Snoopy.  Depending on the theme of the section, it is decorated and designed to make you feel as if you were in a different town or city.

There are all kinds of restaurants for the whole family. If you’re on a budget, McDonalds is less than five minutes outside the park.

If you’re an animal lover, The Los Angeles Zoo is the place for you. The tickets for adults are only $18 for the whole day. For children ages 2 to 12 are $16. There are all kinds of  breeds of animals.

If you really want to have a memorable day and get a lot of “awe’s” we recommend The L.A Zoo. They have different show times in which you are able to contribute to being with the animals.

One of the cheapest ones would be the Giraffe Feedings which costs only $5 and will be one of the coolest feedings ever. Think of all of the cool pictures you can capture while giving them food.