Kanye West Provides The Best Performance At Coachella’s Sunday Service


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Fabian Mendoza

Kanye West is no stranger to taking the route less traveled when it comes to creating music.

West continues to display his individuality and creativity through a recent string of ultra-exclusive Sunday performances that began on the first Sunday of January 2019. The rapper performs covers of his prior songs backed by a live church choir and his backup singers.

The string of performances culminated in a heartfelt and emotional performance at Coachella during its’ second week, falling on Easter Sunday, April 21st.

With over 55,000 people in attendance, Kanye West gave an incredible performance in Indio, California. Several artists including Chance The Rapper, Kid Cudi, and DMX were in attendance and performed alongside Kanye West and his entourage of backup singers. All in all, the performance was a religious celebration that molded rap and gospel music together in a refreshing and satisfying manner.

Via tmz.com

Although West has utilized gospel music as the backbone to many of his songs in the past, fans are excited to see West return to the soulful and church-like sound that marked the beginning of his musical career back in 2004. His usage of religious themes can be found in his music as early as his debut studio album, “The College Dropout”, which released in 2004. Songs like, “Jesus Walks,” “Never Let Me Down,” and “Through The Wire, ” are celebrated because of their soulful and unique sound.

With the recent resurgence of gospel music in West’s arsenal of creativity, West may cause a shift in the overall sound of the rap industry.

It’s certainly possible that West may shock the music industry yet again with the release of his highly- anticipated album Yandhi that is rumoured to release later in 2019. If his musical influence has not diminished, rap is expected to see a rising trend in the use of church choirs, gospels, and religious themes in the years to come.

As of now, West has stayed away from making headlines and regularly makes appearances on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. It is rumoured that West will return to Wyoming to finish  recording his new album. Wyoming is the state in which West spent most of his time recording his most recent record, “ye”

The excitement for what the future holds for West is slowly starting to build for music fanatics that are waiting anxiously to listen to what he has created.