For School Events, Praise and Criticism Happens


Photo Credit to Disneyland

Kathleen Te and Michelle Martinez

After attending Godinez for four years I have noticed that many students have different opinions when it comes to school events either they’re excited to or they don’t find the value in attending.

Senior,Zitlali Alonso, believes that “the memories created during events stick with us forever because they make up a significant part of our life.”

One of the events that the students tend to praise is Disneyland. Alonso said, “I am most excited about going to Disneyland because I get to spend time with friends and have fun too.”

Here are some suggestions for the events on campus. Samantha Alarcon. junior, suggests, “More dancing or affiliated student talent showcases.”

We usually have an amazing turnout with the talent shows. I have gone every year and it has never disappointed me. There were always a different act with extraordinary artistry. It gives a chance to people to make the stage their own and makes it all fun. For example, K-POP Club would give out the glow and the dark sticks to the audience and gets the audience all riled up. We need to give students more of a platform to release their creativity.

“The fact that school events are able to uplift your mood is inspiring.  It is rewarding to see people living out their passions. I always look forward to any school-related event,” Ortiz said.

Another suggestion could be EDM concerts where we may have a glow and the dark themes or eccentric. You could just have a dance concert.

However, we then have dance themes. Students notice that many of the dances have cliche or overused themes such as California Dreaming, Beauty and the Beast, Marvel, or Winter Wonderland.

Senior Erika Ortiz said, “The themes are not the strongest. I think themes are important because they are meant to have people feel they are part of something.”

Some may argue people don’t care about the theme and just wear whatever they want. That is true, but have something entitled makes more people feel inclusive. An idea is to a theme as a theme to conformity. It could help make people feel special and make them want to go more.

People want something new and thrilling. Also, just something surprising. Leah advises, “We could have a theme of All that Glitter or Disco Night.” Maybe we could do, “Flashback to the Past, or 90’s theme because everyone usually lives off in nostalgic,” said Meja.

Leah Mejia, junior, claims, “ I want something fresh out of the book that I will be able to look back that was so unique and crazy good.” “I would like to be part of something new and something people wish to be in.” In other words, students from other schools wish to be in.

It is fine to keep some traditional dances, but suggest new, evolved events to keep students on their feet. It is exciting and shaking. “There should be some new decorum or pieces to add the events to make it pop.” “That is why I am really excited for prom because it is somewhere else,”  Mejia.

ASB needs to involve more of the student body to create their events. It leaves some innovative ideas to offer. They could put in a poll asking, “What ideas do you have for a theme or new event to have this year?”  

Having the students voice their opinions is crucial to create events that they are actually looking forward to.  

We are not going to make everyone happy with whatever theme or new events that the school presents, but it could be a start to involve the student body to help out the ASB committee. For Seniors, it is their last year, so having to put something memorable and for the new group of classmen could have something set off for themselves.