Visionaries Capturing Moments Through the Lens


Roman Arcos , Giovanni Salazar , Mario Chavez ,

Just some of the photos the Creative Visionaries team have featured on their site.

Marco Morales, Giovanni Salazar, and Angel Manzo

A group of friends came together sharing their passion for photography; thus, creating Creative Visionaries.

Formed in 2018, the group is committed to doing more than just photography and videography. The group contains 10 members, the majority being eight boys and two girls. Their mission is to influence and set an example to become better people as a whole.

This group has inspired other people to start photography/videography; with Instagram being their main platform, they can share ideas and projects with the community.

One of the original members of the group, Roman Arcos (@romvnshoots) loves to capture the dark aspects of photography. Growing up from a troubled neighborhood, he finds that there is “beauty in the ghetto” and coining the term “dark abstract” for the style of his photography.

“Creative Visionaries to me is a group of fellow photographers from Santa Ana that support each other. It is another way to get feedback on our work before we post it and showcase it to the world.” said Arcos.

Every member have their inspiration and style to their photography. For example, Giovanni Salazar (@slzr.captures) finds inspiration through filmmaker and photographer, Dexter Navy and rap artist A$AP Rocky giving a colorful psychedelic vibe to his photos. Manny Barajas (@mvnnyspecs) finds inspiration through Sam Balaban, he enjoys “mixing around enchanted and film vibes”.

Jose Escobar (@jose_bruhh) is one of the more popular and talented photographers apart of the group. His work has been reposted by news station ABC7 LA, the official Santa Monica Pier’s Instagram page, and the Observatory OC.

The following Instagram pages that have posted by the Creative Visionaries team.

“I’m extremely lucky to have my creations on new sites and other well known pages. I constantly try my best to present my best work. I am in shock to even believe it.” said Escobar when asked about his reaction to his work getting the recognition he strived for.

“I like inspiring others with my creativity. I love that I can capture what I see and share it to so many people. My pictures represent who I am and show how hard work and positivity can help you succeed.”

Founder of the group, Mario Chavez’s mission was to “Capture beautiful moments while creating great community leaders.”

Videographer of the group, Marco Morales (@xviimorales) mentioned, “Creative Visionaries is like a family to me, we all share one thing in common and that is capturing moments through the camera lens. We may get in disagreements at times but at the end of the day it’s nothing but love.”

Creative Visionaries have set a goal to inspire and capture real life moments and social issues. The group is encouraged to do a lot more than just photography but to reach out to the community and share other peoples stories.

You can follow all of the members of Creative Visionaries Instagram pages:

  • Roman Arcos (@romvnshoots)
  • Francisco Ochoa (@yuungshooter)
  • Giovanni Salazar (@slzr.captures)
  • Marco Morales (@xviimorales)
  • Daniela Torres (@daniicaps)
  • Manny Barajas (@mvnnyspecs)
  • Mario Chavez (@boyandroses)
  • Isabel Verdin (@isa.verdin)
  • Christopher Cornejo (@chriscornejo_)
  • Jose Escobar (@jose_bruhh)