Competition Heats Up Between Fortnite and Apex Legends

Melvin León and Mario Campos

Fortnite faces a new challenger in the battle royale community and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Apart from profits for EA Sports, Apex Legends is bringing new excitement to gamers across the globe. Fortnite now faces a game that is succeeding as it once did.

Fortnite and Apex are free-to-play games that bring in tons of money compared to some pay-to-play games. Fortnite’s popularity has grown, since its launch in July 2017, and has brought in a whopping $1 billion-plus in-game sales. Epic Games’ biggest success throughout 2018 made $2.4 billion and $100 million in the 90 days after Fortnite launched on the iPhone, making it the top-grossing free-to-play game in the world.

However, Apex Legends sees its chance to come up with big numbers for EA Sports as the company’s stock skyrocketed 16 percent on February 8 upon reaching 10 million players within 3 days of launch.

Later, on February 12, stocks rose once more by 8 percent when 25 million players landed on servers. Investors began to spark interest in Apex’s potential as it surpasses Fortnite’s growth.

On the poll on the Grizzly Gazette, 78 percent prefer Fortnite over 22 percent that prefer Apex. Junior, Samantha Trejo, leans towards Apex. “I just enjoy it more,” said Trejo.

Junior, Roman Arcos, prefers to play Fortnite over Apex because “many of my friends are PS4 players and Fortnite is the first game that SONY has allowed cross-platform with every console.”

Fortnights future is still shining. Although many games tend to die after a year or two, Fortnite is putting amazing numbers for its time. Fortnite releases a new season every 2-3 months. It hosts insane prize pool tournaments for players being held worldwide and anybody is accepted to. Fortnite’s new tournament “World Cup” has a prize pool of $30 million.

Junior, Eric Pompa, also prefers to play Fortnite. “It gives me something to brag about and is a lot of fun to talk to my friends while we play,” said Pompa.

The competition between Fortnite and Apex is heating-up every day. Underdogs Apex are putting up a fair fight to make their presence felt in the battle-royale community.