Club Beat: Cinema Club


Alex Mendoza

Alexa Penaloza and Britney Vargas setting up the snack bar before the movie starts.

Alex Mendoza

Do you love watching movies while eating snacks? If, so the Cinema Club is for you. It is a good way to meet new people with the same guilty pleasure as you.

The supervisor of Cinema Club is Mirna Perez and the President is Alexa Penaloza (Senior). They meet every two weeks on a Friday, right after school in the classroom 1-139. Penaloza (senior) said “to join the club, you just show up any day of a meeting,” It’s that easy!

In Cinema Club, they watch all different kinds of great movies you probably never would have seen. They watch new, old, scary, comedy, etc. you name it, they watch it. While enjoying the movie they eat different types of snacks that they bring. It’s a fun club to make friends and is open to anyone. All the members are really nice and easy to talk to.

A couple of Cinema Club members enjoying the weekly snacks provided.

Cinema Club has about 20 to 30 members. It was started by Joyce Feuerborn in 2008 by her sophomore class. Feuerborn reflected “We wanted to show our love for films and enjoy watching all kinds of movies together.” After two and a half years of running Cinema Club, Feuerborn realized she wanted to start focusing more on journalism so she handed the club to Perez when Perez first started working at Godinez.

Perez “ Loves this club because all the kids are responsible and on top of everything that needs to be done. All the fundraising, collecting money, and promoting it. Also, the technology behind it allows for them to gain and grow in their leadership skills. I just love seeing them blossom from the shy kids they used to be at the beginning, to now the leaders they’re going to become and it was really exciting for me to experience,” Said Perez.

Perez also added “ right now we’re hooked on all the Avengers movies. I don’t think I’ve been following all of them, so whenever I see a new one I want to see the other one that came before.”

Penaloza added, “We love watching movies! it’s always fun doing things as a group with your closest friends and sharing something we all have in common.” Her favorite movies are from the “Insidious” series.

“I enjoy cinema club very much even though most people choose movies I somewhat didn’t want to watch, but I ended up enjoying it anyways,” said sophomore Lesley Torres. Her favorite movie at the moment is “Lights Out.”

Perez is on maternity leave at the moment so Penaloza is looking for a supervisor to run the club. They won’t have another film showing until they find a teacher to take Perez’s spot in the meantime.

If a teacher wants to step up and help Cinema Club, please contact Alexa Penaloza.