Should We Still be Listening to R Kelly?

R Kellys

Courtesy of RCA Records

R Kellys "The Buffet" R&B album cover

Eduardo Rosas, Staff Writer

Robert Sylvester Kelly (R Kelly) has been in the spotlight for over 25 years, but it was not the type of spotlight he expected. For the past two decades, Kelly has been charged with several accusations of abuse and inappropriate encounters with underage girls and young women. His actions have led to the disapproval of many fans.But should his personal life affect the way people see him as an artist and his career in general? Godinez students have different opinions.

When asked if Kelly’s legal situation had influenced her, senior Jeslie Pioquinto believes, “Yes, his actions show we do not share the same moral values, so I choose not to listen to someone who has a reputation like his”.

Senior, Asael Martinez disagrees. He said, “ No, I believe an artist’s personal life shouldn’t affect his or her music. Kelly is a great artist, and what he’s done as an artist shouldn’t be affected by his personal decisions”.

His music has definitely been affected, KRNB and K104 in Texas decided to ban Kelly’s songs from their radio stations. Questions regarding the removal of his songs from other streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube have sparked. Godinez students commented on this situation.

Sophomore, Brian Avalos believes, “Yes, his music should be removed. He has caused great damage in people’s lives. It would be a good punishment to remove his music from those streaming services”.

Everyone has an opinion on Kelly’s situation, most of those opinions being negative. In fact, a documentary series titled “Surviving R Kelly” aired 6, 45-minute episodes in which not a single positive thing said was towards Kelly. The documentary reveals several young women who are standing up against Kelly and features famous artist John Legend, who after being on the series tweeted the following statement,“I believe these women and don’t give a f*** about protecting a serial child rapist….”

What’s done is done. Kelly chose to make those decisions and must face the consequences. It is your choice whether you keep supporting him despite his actions outside the music industry, or just decide to press skip on his songs due to his actions.