Preparing for Senior Interviews

Ashley Beltran

Katty Gallegos, Staff Writer

Grad Nite, Prom, and Graduation are all exciting events in our senior year, but before these exciting activities, we have to go through senior interviews.

Senior interviews are taking place on March 19th and March 20th. The senior interviews panel consists of three to four interviewers that can be the staff at Godinez and/or individuals who work for the Santa Ana Unified School District or with Orange County. They will go through your portfolio before the interview to learn about you and come up with questions based on your high school experience.

Chester Maharaj, the photography teacher, says to bring something unique about you to the table, “Having something creative to show the panel makes you a memorable individual.”

Make sure to have your portfolio ready because having unviewable or missing assignments makes a bad first impression. Having a trusted friend go through your site prior to your interview is a great idea in order to ensure a completed portfolio. Jesus Najera, a senior, said, “I’m nervous about accidentally forgetting an assignment and not realizing until I am being interviewed.”

For some people, interviews may seem frightening. Yet, for those who are outgoing, these interviews are no big deal. Senior Adriana Navarro says she is nervous about who will be on her panel, “I also worry about sounding informal.”  

Remember that when you are getting interviewed you are not at lunch talking to your friends. Treat this interview as if it’s a job interview. Counselor Elizabeth Castro believes senior interviews are helpful for the future, “Senior interviews help prepare students for job interviews and internships.”

Be formal and dress appropriately Ladies should dress in a button-down shirt, tucked into dress pants and closed-toe shoes. Blazers can be added onto this outfit but it is not necessary. You also cannot go wrong with wearing a clean, appropriate dress.

Gentlemen should wear a button-down shirt with slacks and clean shoes. Shoes are said to be the first thing interviewers notice, so ensure they are presentable.

Tops should be a neutral color. Don’t walk into your interview with a neon button down! Make sure to have your hair properly done so it looks neat, this goes for everyone. Make an excellent first impression by greeting the panel with a genuine smile and a firm handshake.

With all of our senior activities, it is understandable that we may have a tight budget. Affordable attire for interviews can be found at stores such as TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, and Marshalls. Make sure to check your closet first, you may find attire you forgot you had. Maybe a new pair of shoes is all you need.

Senior interviews are meant to build our skills and help us deliver speech formally. Be confident and feel free to brag about your achievements over the past four years. And most importantly, don’t be late! Being early is being on time. Good luck seniors.