Downtown Santa Ana Welcomes Local Artists


Ethan Becerra

Saturday, Artist Romeoone using acrylic glow in the dark paint for his new piece, March 2, 2019.

Ethan Becerra and Liana Sanchez

In the city of Santa Ana, downtown turns into an area for the average connoisseur of art.

Local artists showcase their art and sell different products, while local bands perform. The night fills with artists who use a wide variety of mediums such as acrylic glow in the dark paint or metal as patrons meander.

Monse Mejia expressed, “I’d recommend for them to go watch the performances they have here because they have really great live music. I’ve heard Red Roulette, I’ve also listened to some other great bands here as well.”

Junior, Marielena Martinez, expressed that coming to these art walks helps her gain inspiration for her artwork. She said, “I would recommend going to the Santora Building because you can see some of the artists working live or selling their art.”

Ethan Becerra
Iris Soto, constructing another popular ring to sell, Saturday, March 2, 2019.

Iris Soto, a young dedicated artist appreciates the environment of Art Walk. Saturday night was another great opportunity for Soto to share her unique and self-expressive jewelry and focus on making rings and earrings.

Soto said, “I get inspired by nature and like combining soft and rough stuff, like shiny and wire.” She added, “From nature just how stuff in a nest is ruff,” is where she likes to draw inspiration from.  Her rings relate to an egg and a little nest around it, type of scenario.

Her art speaks for itself, “It’s very abstract not perfect, but it still looks good,” said Soto.

She displays her art in Santa Ana because she’s a local and Soto is constantly getting asked to display her art public because she doesn’t have a shop.

Being in Santa Ana, Ms. Soto said, “is a great opportunity to display it to the OC community and get all kinds of traffic of people.” She added, “this place in itself is pretty cool to be at.” Soto’s current favorite piece was a ring that she was wearing that day. It was a wire wrap ring that she had made right there and then.

If any are interested, Ms. Soto has a Facebook page and Instagram page. Facebook is IrisSotoJewelry and Instagram is @irissotodesigns.

Ethan Becerra
Saturday, March 2, 2019, Romeoone finishing his ¨Cheetah¨ piece.

Romeoone, another local artist sets his artwork next to bands that perform every art walk. Being next to bands comes with benefits. He expressed, “It’s actually been these shows because these are live, so it started from scratch and from the bands playing live, I guess the music inspires me.”

He describes his artwork as spontaneous because he paints whatever he feels or sees. When he doesn’t know what to paint, he takes inspiration from people around him. Showcasing his art in DTSA is special to him. Romeoone reveals, “ I grew up here, and so I kind of want to show everything that I’ve learned throughout my career.”

If you would like to purchase his artwork you could either contact him through social media at @romeoone on Instagram, to have a custom piece done.

Art Walks in DTSA are on the first Saturday of the month, from 6-10 p.m. There are over 25+ galleries, 40+ vendors, live performances and 40+ restaurants/bars. These monthly art walks have a great atmosphere and are an experience. Downtown Santa Ana has been the epicenter of creativity and inspiration for artists and people who appreciate the arts.