Places on a Budget for Valentine’s Day


Yesenia Zavala

Ana Orozco at Café Cultura on a January 23, 2019.

On Valentine’s Day, the average amount of money spent is $136.57 per person according to ABC News. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend rent on dinner, here are some cheap restaurant options:

Freshman at Godinez, Junior Marquez, usually spends Valentine’s Day at home. Marquez said, “I don’t like to go out in general. That’s why I stay home play video games and eat.” Valentine’s Day really isn’t that interesting for me.”

Cafe Cultura is one restaurant Located on Fourth Street,  you can find many other delicious places to stop by and munch out. This place serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it’s mostly known for their waffles.

At first when we got there, we were nervous to try the Chipotle burrito, since it was our first time there, but when we took the first bite, we fell in love with how soft and tasty the burrito taste. This is a perfect place to take your significant other or take, yourself out to eat, you can also walk around 4th street to look at the stores. The Chipotle burrito is $8.50, and with the waffles the total id $20-$24.

The waffles we tried were called “Banana Foster”. There are four waffles , so it is enough to split it with someone else. Those waffles cost $6.25, which is a pretty good price for the quality and flavor. The first bite had us wanting more. They were covered in maple syrup, banana, nuts, and whipped cream. “Damn, these are actually so good!” Yesenia Zavala, one of our writers said.

Ana Orozco
Pesto Cavatappi at the Corner Bakery. Photo taken at The Outlets of Orange.

At Corner Bakery, they have all sorts of food. There are salads, soups, macaroni bowls, and much more. Our personal favorite thing to order is the “Bacon Mac and Three Cheese.” This is a handcrafted pasta that comes with smoked bacon and diced tomatoes on the macaroni.

When ordering, there are two serving sizes to choose from. We recommend getting the regular size which is only $7.89. The cafe size is $6.89, but won’t really fill you up. The bowl comes with a dish of macaroni and bread. If you want to make your macaroni taste better than it already does, have a slice of bread. Finally, since you can’t leave without eating dessert, something cheap but delicious to get would be the Cinnamon Creme Cake. It is only $2.79.


Courtesy of Google
Tacos shaped into a lovely heart.

Another option we have is you can get creative and go to your local taqueria restaurant or taco truck, whichever you prefer. You can ask them if they can may the tacos in a heart shape or add some sort of valentine decoration. If they wish not to, you can just simply do it on your own.

Just order the tacos and add whatever you or your date like. Whether that is cilantro, radishes, or some sort of salsa and limon. Depending where and what kind of meat you get for your taco, they are usually around $1.50 each.

Courtesy of Google
A sampling of pizzas at the Pizza Press.

For our last option we have Pizza Press. Pizza Press is a fun place to go to since you get to choose exactly what you and your significant other want. Pizza toppings come in a wide variety of sauces ,and cheeses. When you order you go through different steps to choose what you want on your pizza. The prices on the pizza vary from $7.00 to $18.00 it depends on how many toppings you and your significant other get. You can also get a simple cheese pizza if you are not into all the types of toppings.

There are also different types of salads that you and your significant other can order if you or they do not want a pizza. The salad prices vary from $8 to $12. And for dessert you can order an ice cream cookie sandwich or some yummy cookies. At the end of the day, for a nice valentines date at Pizza Press you get a budget of $30 to $40 to enjoy a good meal.  

Some couples do go out and eat, others get lazy or they are just too tired to get ready. There are many things you can do at home if you don’t want to go all out this year. You can still do something thoughtful and romantic. You can have a home cooked meal while enjoying each other’s company.

That way you save money.