Why Are People Watching Cartoons?

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Why Are People Watching Cartoons?

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Laura Horta, Staff Writer

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Back in the 2000’s cartoons that were running on TV never really had meaning. They were just adventures that made no important impact on the storyline such as, “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” “Ed, Edd n Eddy,” “Spongebob,” etc.

There’s a chance that 1 in 4 friends recommend a cartoon to watch. But wait why a cartoon? They’re for kids. What’s all the hype about?

All cartoons are like this, right? No meaning? It’s meant to grab kids attention. Well, you’re mistaken, my friend.

Live action shows have a limit to imagination or rather don’t have a good plot to get hooked on. Shows like “The Flash,” “Gotham,” and other shows have a low budget for great CGI.

“Riverdale,” “Black Mirror,” and “You,” aren’t bad, yet they don’t grab the attention of viewers.

So what other shows are waiting to be explored? Cartoons.

Cartoon shows are diverse, being an animation to anime. There’s the cheesiest to the goriest. Animation shows have more capability of showing action which goes beyond what you could imagine.

It’s a different territory that some are not used to because you watched this as a kid.

Cartoons that air on cable and Netflix were originally intended to be for children like “Gravity Falls ,” “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir,” “Star vs. The Forces of Evil,” and more. They later became aware that the viewers are older. In which the creators started to develop their stories of having more depth.

Cartoons are upping their game by introducing diverse characters. Rather than focusing on the character sexuality, they don’t make it define their character. In 2016- 2018, “Voltron” sets an example of this. With five paladins trying to save the universe, some secrets are revealed. (Spoiler alert). In season 7, it was revealed that the leader who led the group, Takashi Shirogane a.k.a Shiro is gay. Season 8 episode finale showed him getting married to another male.

Other cartoon shows also have this such as “Loud House,” showing the main character best friend, Clyde Mcbride parents having two dads, “Adventure Time” with Princess Bubblegum and Marceline being together, and “The Legend of Korra” showing the avatar Korra ended up with Asami Sato.

As cheesy as they are, many give life lessons that we should be reminded of because many forget on how they should act. Old or young, people always forget the key factor of being human.

“Steven Universe,” delivers the message of family and love. Even with the conflicts that Steven’s mother left for him, he tries as much as possible to resolve the problems she left behind. The animation and storyline can be seen improving through the seasons, seeing darker topics of the characters journey. There’s so much a kid could go through, and seeing him develop his character is truly beautiful.

A well-known anime, “Naruto” is also a victim of heartfelt moments. Other than the great action fight scenes, and Jutso seen time and time again trying to prove that he will become one of the powerful leaders called Hokage. The main character, Naruto Uzumaki teaches its viewers to become stronger than they are. They also create some characters in which we can connect to deeply. Naruto has been through a lot as seen in the first few episodes, showing his character development throughout the seasons.

Anime also plays a big role for viewers watching cartoons. Cute and innocent as they might appear some anime show very graphic and horrifying images that crawled out of Hell.

“Attack on Titan” gives viewers immense graphic scenes. Being about monsters called “Titans” breaking the walls that were meant to give the people a safe haven, they start to devour them giving the viewers a great shot of it. The pilot episode opens to one of the characters, Erin, mother being eaten alive in front of his eyes.

They show true action, fight scenes and animation that capture viewers attention like “Dragon Ball Z,” “Death Note,” “The 7 Deadly Sins,” “Attack on Titan,” “Black Butler” and “Sword Art Online.”

CGI is seen as an amateur when you can draw it out and create something beyond imagination. Showing the detail of their great fighting scenes, stellar magic, and terrifying gore. Some anime can balance all three, delivering great scenes. All have different stories yet share the same great performances that they each give differently. With animation, it shows how artistic the creators are when creating these stories.

As weird as it might sound watching cartoons is on the rise. On average, people in their 20s are viewing animation shows.

It’s a leap that is waiting to be discovered. The beauty of it all is seeing the characters come together and unite, or rather seeing them develop on being stronger than they were before. You might get this from your traditional shows but you won’t get the same experience.