Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts


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These are the top 10 worst gifts to give this Christmas. Don’t make the same mistake.

We asked Farasha Bernabe, a freshman, what her worst Christmas gift was and she said a rainbow-colored lollipop. Bernabe received this gift from her Uncle on Christmas last year.  For her, this was the worst gift she has received because she was expecting something much better than a simple lollipop like shoes or money. After receiving the lollipop later that night she ate it because she was hungry.

Chris De Jesus is a freshman who received a white Nike Soccer Ball. For many boys, this is the best Christmas Gift to get but for him its the worst. The reason why he didn’t like this gift was that he doesn’t play soccer. De Jesus received this from his Uncle that he hasn’t seen in a long time. De Jesus said that he got this gift on Christmas Eve of 2016. Since he doesn’t play soccer he regifted this gift to his friend that loves to play soccer as a birthday present.

Paola Balmaceda as a freshman had surprisingly considered an Xbox one as her worst gift. Both of Balmaceda’s parents had given her the Xbox. The reason why Balmaceda considers her gift the worst is because both of her parents made her return it to buy her family of five plus her cousin an annual pass for Universal Studios and they only went once. She got the gift about three Christmases ago.

Daniel Sevilla as a sophomore has received a charging case for wireless earbuds. This is still the worst gift he has received because he doesn’t have any wireless earbuds to charge. His aunt gave him the charging case thinking it came with wireless earbuds. Sevilla received his gift last Christmas. And he left the charging case in his room and forgot about it.

Jonathan Martinez as a sophomore received a Star Wars Christmas shirt a couple of sizes too small which had Darth Vader wearing a Santa Claus hat on the front saying “I find your lack of cheer disturbing.” The reason it was the worst gift for Martinez, because it was a couple sizes too small, and he never had a chance to wear it, even though he really liked it. His uncles and aunts from Martinez’s mother’s side gave him this gift and were unaware of his size since he hadn’t seen them for a year.  He had received the gift on Christmas Day of around 2014. He simply gave the shirt to one of his cousins, because they also enjoyed it and it fit his cousin better.

Daniela Torres, a junior, received a Madame Alexander Girlz Doll for Christmas. This was the worst Christmas gift that she has received because she is terrified of them ever since she was a little girl. The doll was a gift from her dad that didn’t know that she was terrified of dolls. Around the time she got this gift was in 2007 when she was 6 years old. Since she didn’t like this gift she gave it to her cousin the next day. Torres later told her dad that she didn’t like dolls and that she had given it to her cousin the next day.

Anthony Martinez, a junior, received Nike Socks that were the worst Christmas Gifts that he has received. The reason why he didn’t like them is that he already has so many socks. The person that gave him this was his little cousin because he thought that it would be funny to give them to him. He got them last Christmas, so he wears them because it was a funny gift and they match his shoes.

Keila Hipolito, a senior, received as the worst Christmas gift a Scooby-Doo Movie Collection. Hipolito got this gift during a Secret Santa Exchange and she had asked for something different. The person she got this from was her Secret Santa who gave it to her four years ago. Over time, she doesn’t remember where she left the movies.