Adding New Turf to Campus was Tough but not Impossible


Yesenia Zavala

The newly added artificial turf on Friday, Nov. 30, 2018.

“I believe in curb appeal, I believe in creating a very welcoming environment and I think that a home that’s clean and a home that’s organized is more conducive for students to learn,” said Principal Jesse Church as he talked about his latest project to beautify Godinez’s campus.  

An artificial turf has been added to our campus and it’s just one of the many new additions to our campus.

Whether it’s to hang around with friends or to have a friendly game of soccer, the students are going to be able to use the turf whenever they want.

Having a clean and inviting campus is very important to students and staff because it makes a good first impression to visitors and students from other schools.

Before, there was a giant area of dry grass and dirt that covered what is now the turf. Students won’t have to deal with muddy floors when it rains or have to be embarrassed because there is a patch of unused land right in the middle of the school.

“I hope that it’s aesthetically pleasing, and it beats having dust and dirt flying all over the place. And their shoes won’t get dirty,” added Church.

The turf will take a couple of weeks to be fully finished since they still have to add the big “G” that will be placed in the middle of it. Church mentioned, “We are waiting for them to develop the pattern, and then they’re going to stencil it on.” It will most likely be done by the end of Christmas break.

Since many students saw that a new turf was being set up, they had many questions and theories on what else could be added to our campus. Some students are even protesting that the younger generation of Grizzlies will be getting better additions to the school when they could have had them earlier.

Junior, Gabriela Garcia, expressed, “What he should have done was first make that pool and football field, I remember they promised water polo a pool.” Hopefully, in the near future, our school will be able to have these additions.  

Yesenia Zavala
Juniors, Ana Orozco and Martin Valadez standing in front of the turf Dec. 4, 2018.

The cheerleading team has benefitted from the addition of the turf because they no longer have to practice on the concrete floor. They finally have softer ground to work with.

Cheerleader, Christine Paniagua said, “I’d say one thing is that we no longer have to take out the mats, and we can start practice right away.” If certain fields are being used, then students can go to the turf and practice on it. 

When asked about the new additions to the campus, Church pointed towards the classrooms near the computer lab and said, “There is going to be a learning center for students.” Having these new additions to our school could help many students out with homework or a place to network around after school.

The hope is students will actually use this turf and take advantage because it wasn’t given to the school for free. They can do different activities on it instead of sitting around on their phones and actually get some exercise.

Yesenia Zavala
Freshman class playing flag football on Dec. 4th, 2018.

The only rule for using the turf is the administration asks to not eat or drink on it because it can get damaged.