DIY Gifts for the Holidays Under $10

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DIY Gifts for the Holidays Under $10

Christmas DIY's all together, Dec. 5, 2018.

Christmas DIY's all together, Dec. 5, 2018.

Kathleen Te

Christmas DIY's all together, Dec. 5, 2018.

Kathleen Te

Kathleen Te

Christmas DIY's all together, Dec. 5, 2018.

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Christmas is expensive, especially for high school students. When you are on a budget or you have none, do-it-yourself Christmas gifts are the way to go. Thoughtful and even fun to make, DIY gifts can even be better than receiving the typical Starbucks gift card for the 100th time. So here are a few ideas to inspire and get your creative side going this holiday season. And yes, all under $10. You’re welcome.

Kathleen Te
DIY movie projector for those Christmas movie classics.

The supplies needed for this smartphone projector.

Gather a shoe box, picture frame, duct tape, wrapping paper, blade, pen, buddy, and smartphone.

1) Get your shoebox, duct tape, blade (or scissors), and wrapping paper to start wrapping.

2) After wrapping the whole entire box, get your roll of duct tape and trace the circle with your pen on the center smaller side of the box.

3) Get your blade and cut out the circle.

4) Once you cut that out, get your picture frame and take out the glass.

5) Place your glass from the inside of the box and get your duct tape and start taping it.

6) Get your buddy and stick your smartphone on it.

  • Make sure to be careful with the blade as you are cutting the circle out.
  • You could get most of these materials at the dollar store and will cost you about $10.
  • Estimated time to get this done is about 30 minutes.

It is a great gift for anyone who enjoys family and movie time.

Ethan Becerra
A Christmas Treat Basket, with cookies and candy.

The supplies needed for Christmas Treat Basket.

To begin the project first gather candy, cookie dough of some sort, festive decorations and cooking supplies.

1.) You are going to butter your pan and cut the cookie dough into any shape that is desired

2.) Before you put them into the oven at 350 degrees, sprinkle the desired amount of red or green sprinkles.

3) While the cookies bake, prepare the festive basket and put into it red, green, white loosely confetti.

4.) Also, needed is a coffee cup preferably one that can relate to the receivers life.

5.) After the cookies cool, you are going to want to wrap them into clear, pastry paper and tie a bow around the middle.

6.) After all the different objects are done, began to place them in the desired way, inside the basket or box.

7.) In final, you should have a festive, Christmas goodie box, with cookies, chocolate, and a mug.

  • All supplies can be found and your local dollar store, disclaimer cookie dough can be found at your local grocery store.
  • Estimated time to complete project 40-50 minutes, Cost about $10.

Hope you enjoy this D.I.Y and have a great time trying to recreate for those special friends or peers in your life.


Frankie Castelan
Festive, DIY Christmas gift box.

The supplies needed for Christmas DIY gift box.

To start off you need ribbon, any design can work and some mini bows and finished toilet paper.

1) You compress the toilet paper.

2) Then with your thumb on top of the toilet paper half, the top has to compress on each other; make sure the sides are equal it’s not equal it’s okay.

3) Now you do it on the opposite of the toilet paper.

4) This is where you can add anything as you see in the photo such as wrapping paper.

* Make sure the gifts are small!!  

I hope this works for a gift to someone and hopefully that special person likes it, thank you have a great Christmas!!

Frankie Castelan
Christmas Tree Candle Jar for the Holidays.

The objects you need is a jar, any spray can, paper, scissors, tape, and a pencil.

1) You can draw anything on the paper but has to be the size of the jar ( Christmas tree, snowman, etc..).

2) cut the drawing you did (careful cutting it).

3) Spray paint however you want, but be careful.

4) Let it dry for 5 minutes each.

5) Add anything and decorate the jar however you want.

Thank you so much and have a nice Christmas!!!

Victor Arellano
Decorative, Christmas, Holiday card.

The objects used in this D.I.Y. gift is construction paper, paper mache, popsicle stick, and markers

  1. First, poke the popsicle through the paper mache.
  2. Cut out the paper mache into a tree.
  3. Write down your Christmas wishes.
  4. Use extra paper mache to make presents.

Enjoy making this for your friends or family for the holiday season.


Victor Arellano
Christmas Candy Jar for those with a sweet tooth.

Materials used a glass jar, candy of your choice, string, and a fabric of your choosing.

  1. Make sure jar is clean and put candy inside.
  2. Wrap fabric around a jar.
  3. And tie the string around the jar.

Not very complex gifts just something nice and simple for the holidays.