Fourth Street: Noches de Altares

Monserrat Sandoval, Staff Writer

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Every year at the beginning of November, Fourth Street has a beautiful celebration for Dia De Los Muertos. Due to the celebration, four city blocks are closed down and dedicated to Los Altares (the alters), live performances, and food. Colorful streamers hang across the street, and as you walk, you begin to realize that every store, restaurant, cafe, and shop are decorated accordingly to the celebration.

As we walked we realized how crowded it began to get as the sun came down. However, that didn’t stop others from joining in this beautiful cultural celebration.

Walking around Fourth Street was exciting. Every joy-filled performance was shared with the people of Fourth Street. There were fantastic live performances mainly Spanish music such as banda and dance performers, including, the traditional Indian dance and the chinelos.

Besides the performances, there was an immense amount of the public participation either with their faces painted as skeletons or setting up an altar to honor missed loved ones. The majority of the altars were handmade and every single one represented a state in Mexico.

Every altar holds a close personal meaning as Ramirez stated. “ This altar is mainly dedicated to my parents which unfortunately died so I kept the tradition continues and as more of my family members passed away we add a picture and a meal which they use to enjoy such as mole, posole, and conchas.

Ramirez describes the meaning of the altar. Everything was handmade, all dished where home cooked and that she has been doing this for 6 to 7 years now. The altar took approximately 3-4 hours to set up.

Overall, this was my first time visiting Fourth Street for “Noches de Altares” and I truly enjoyed it. I would recommend it to everyone and highly encourage you and your family to be a part of a beautiful community that shares their culture with you.

Come and enjoy things from delicious Mexican dishes, the splendid live music, live performance, and mainly experience a new type of culture.