Cans to Aid a Cause

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Cans to Aid a Cause

Johary Mayorga, Staff Writer

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Helping others is always a positive experience. The canned food drive that takes place from November fifth to the 14th served  a meaningful purpose.

Students were encouraged to bring as many cans from their homes to their first period classes. The food is collected and then donated to those in need.

The ASB Director, Daniel Tena, aids in arranging the drive. It is meant to help students from Godinez directly. Tena said that he gathers names of “students who might be in need” from staff as a part of the process. Once sufficient names are obtained, ASB sorts the cans out and creates baskets. Families who are in need are then called to pick up the cans, or in some cases, Tena delivers them himself.

Various incentives are provided to increase student participation. “This year, we’re giving out front-of-the-lunch-line passes that’ll last until the end of the semester”, said Tena. After previously giving out donuts, a switch was made recently to hand out passes instead, since students might appreciate a reward that’s more long-term.

“Not only that, but I know some teachers offer extra credit” commented Tena. Students can contribute to a good cause and obtain additional benefits at the same time.

According to Tena, the food drive is beneficial because it helps “people who are actually in need.” Deep gratitude is seen in those who receive food. Additionally, with the end of the year arriving, Thanksgiving and holiday traditions can be burdensome for some. The drive helps families celebrate without having to worry about the expenses of food. “I’ve had people in the past cry about the fact that they’re going to get a turkey dinner,” said Tena.

The food drive serves as a great opportunity to help others. Another person’s holidays can be bettered at a small cost. Students should try to participate in the upcoming food drive, which will be held in December.