Don’t Miss Out On The C.T.E Experience

Jim Birmingham, left culinary teacher at Valley High School, demonstrates to Martin Barnal, right, techniques for making the crust of the cheesecake on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018.

Ethan Becerra

Jim Birmingham, left culinary teacher at Valley High School, demonstrates to Martin Barnal, right, techniques for making the crust of the cheesecake on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018.

Ethan Becerra and Marisol Garcia-Luis

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“ I could see myself doing this for another 20 years, and I am 60 years old now,” said teacher Jim Birmingham.

Career and Technical Education,  better as known as C.T.E is a great step for people who want to go on and learn different occupations. Some of our Grizzlies at Godinez  High School are Graphic Design, Photography, Medical Assisting, Medical Core, Sports Medicine, Culinary, and many others courses. Here’s an in-depth look at just a few of the courses offered.

Culinary Arts

Birmingham hopes that the students will learn knowledge on how to make a simple meal for themselves and the hospitality of the industry as a whole. This class is unique according to Birmingham, “because in this class you get to eat your project.” This is an incentive to join the class but Birmingham has students from all over the district who meet every Tuesday and Thursday, at Valley High School.

Birmingham said, “it’s a bit of challenge getting students to focus,” an extended class at the end of a regular school day from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Birmingham has been teaching for six years and a chef for 32 years. He brings to the table as he puts it, “teaching them so not as much book knowledge but real life situations.”   Since he started in culinary, it has allowed him to live in seven different countries. He is intrigued by the many different personalities the students have and it keeps him coming back.

Aleah McClure, a freshman at Godinez Fundamental High School, “ I have enjoyed baking and learning the different types of temperatures for certain types of food to be cooked.”

Birmingham describes it as “he gets to learn from the students as well and it is more of an interchange, so he looks forward to it every day.”

Any students interested in joining into this CTE class, advisors would hope to have you start as a sophomore and commit for three years, but you can also join as a junior or senior. There are no set requirements for joining the class but the dedication of students.


Art of Digital Photography

If you are interested in learning more about the art of photography then digital photography is the class for you. However, you must be senior to take this class, This photography class is taught by Chester Maharaj, who has been teaching at Godinez for 10 years.

In this class, you learn techniques such as: Photoshop, lighting, camera settings, and much more. While taking this class you are able to work in a photography studio and go out to the Heritage Museum to photograph a new object each time you go.

When asked what he hopes his students learn Maharaj said he hopes his students  “ Learn to look at life in a different way. Learn to look at images in a different way, look at the color of light, the brightness, the darkness different ways, and things we just take for granted”.


Hospital Occupations

Hospital occupations is a class where you get hands-on experience in an actual hospital. You get to learn what it takes to be a health care assistant and help out nurses in their everyday task.

The class is only one semester. Half of it is spent in class and the other half working a hospital internship. The only requirements needed to take this class is to have passed medical core with an A or B and be CPR certified.

This course is offered at Santa Ana High School, since the class is only available there. Godinez student Sonia Bravo said, “ I am most excited to work in an actual hospital and be able to ask the nurses questions.”


Medical Assistant

There are two different levels to become a medical assistant. During medical assistant 1, you learn the technique used in the back office, while in medical assistant 2 you learn the procedures used in the front office.

This course is offered at Godinez 6th and 7th period. If that does not fit your schedule then you can take the class at Valley 7th period from 3:30 p.m. to 5: 30 p.m. “I hope to be able to take this experience into the real world and hopefully get a job out of this class”, says senior Jesus Campos who is taking medical assistant one.


Do not miss out on these life-changing classes. Go see your counselor to enroll for next semester or year.