Aliso Niguel High School Trumps Santa Ana High School


Jeff Bishop

Aliso Nigel's red, white, and blue themed bleachers at Aliso Niguel's stadium on Sep. 7, 2018, game against Santa Ana High School.

“What is this, a football game or a political rally?” asked principal Jeff Bishop of Santa Ana High School to the Orange County Register upon seeing the offensive posters on the bleachers.

On Friday, Sept. 7, 2018, Santa Ana High School played against Aliso Niguel High School in a football game at ANHS stadium in south Orange County. Aliso Niguel’s side of the stadium was covered in posters that said, “We love White,” and “Build the wall.” Bishop and SAHS football were not happy.

Aliso Niguel had a red, white, and blue Patriots Day theme to commemorate 9/11. Their bleachers were occupied by red, white, and blue poster paper. Bishop was led to believe that the game took a discriminatory turn when he saw their bleachers and heard their chants. A poster said, “We’re going to Trump you,” and another said, “Bring back Obama.” During the game when ANHS scored touchdowns, ANHS students chanted “USA, USA” according to Bishop.

The city of Santa Ana has a 76.07%  Hispanic population. We are a city made up of  Hispanic communities and are targets for racial discrimination. As the sister school to SAHS located in Santa Ana, we are not ignorant of the harsh words spoken about us. But to see a school 10 miles away targeting one of our own high schools in our school district, we have no choice but to be angry.

Most of the student body attending SAHS are of Hispanic race. ANHS is 58% Caucasian.

Jeff Bishop
A close up of Aliso Niguel’s posters at Aliso Niguel’s stadium on Sep. 7, 2018, game against Santa Ana High School.

This is not acceptable. Most students in Santa Ana are citizens. Our parents moved to the U.S., leaving family and loved ones behind, in order to give their children a chance at having a better life.

It is said that children take after their parents. This couldn’t be any more correct.

An ANHS parent after the game posted on Facebook, “Good for the high school kids in Aliso Niguel. They refuse to suffer from the same liberal white guilt that their parents suffer from. Santa Ana is an illegal alien infested ghetto. They should have had ICE at the football game to check papers. We need to start deporting these cockroaches as they’re already the majority group in our state.”

We can’t believe a parent would say something so horrid about children who only wish to receive an education. As Americans, we have the right to stand in our OWN country and not be intimidated by those who want us out.

We polled students in our journalism class: 96% of our journalists are citizens. We’re not all illegal and Santa Ana is not “an illegal alien infested ghetto.” According to the latest U.S. Census, 77.3% of the population in Santa Ana are Hispanics, 11.8% are Asian and 9.2% are white. 

We’re not “perfect” but at least we’re kinder than the students at Aliso Niguel High School.

We stand with our Latino communities who have been targeted by racial threats. We stand with our fellow friends who come from different countries looking for better lives, and we stand with our schools who are faced with racial backlash.

High school football games should be a place of spirited sportsmanship and no one should feel intimidated, no matter their racial background.