High school is turning into a Fashion Runway

Stephanie Lopez , Yesenia Zavala

Ana Orozco
Writer Yesenia Zavala, junior at Godinez Fundamental High school, wearing a red tube top along with mom jeans. Sept. 15, 2018.
Stephanie Lopez
Luis Betancourt, junior at Godinez Fundamental High school, wearing a tie-dye shirt along with loose/tight fitted jeans. Oct. 01, 2018.
Yesenia Zavala
Vanessa Saldana, junior at Godinez Fundamental High school, wearing a sweater from the brand Pink. Friday, Sept. 28, 2018.

Fashion to many people means wearing the perfect outfit to school.  At Godinez, there are many different types of fashion trends that students don’t tend to realize. For example, the clothing that is trending right now is: mom jeans, the brand Pink, vintage clothes, off the shoulder tops, tube tops, and many more.

If you have any of these items you are most likely considered trendy by high school standards.

When you walk on to campus the first thing someone might notice is that almost everyone is wearing ripped jeans. Ripped jeans have been a trend since last year, and thanks to our flexible dress code we are able to wear them at Godinez. Jasmin Barajas, a senior, said: “I’ve noticed a lot of people wearing ripped jeans.” When asked about the fashion trends that she follows Barajas said, “I would say that I probably wear a lot of ripped jeans.” Ripped jeans have become a universal trend for both guys and girls, and a staple piece of everyone’s closet.

Students tend to take note of what it is they are wearing, so they can also wear something that is similar to that piece of clothing. Aline Hernandez, a junior, said, “Fashion to me is important because it expresses who I am as a person. I like to dress the way I feel that certain day and the way on how I want to express my mood.” Celia Jimenez said that she, too, takes fashion seriously. “I like to think of dressing up and choosing an outfit for school every day as a way to put myself out there as who I am. I don’t dress to impress others. I dress to impress myself and make myself look better.”

Another popular trend that is seen at Godinez, are tube tops. Many students tend to pair this with another popular trend, jean jackets. These two item pairs add a really nice effect to some plain jeans or a skirt, as seen throughout GFHS. When asked about the fashion trends she follows Celeste Larita, a senior, said: “Tube tops, I love tube tops, love I that trend.”

On the other hand, fashion can be hard for many students because they sometimes do not have certain pieces of clothing that are trending at the time. Students want to buy what’s in, just to be on the trendy side. Many of the trendy students at school like to dress as if it were a runway fashion show. They like to think of it as a competition and a way to better themselves.