Friendships and Families in Volleyball

Vanessa Saldana and Martin Valadez

When the Girls Volleyball team is facing difficulties, junior, Karen Alvarez keeps her head up and has a positive attitude. She has been with the Godinez volleyball team, for four years she built friendships and even grew to call them her family

“I’ve been in volleyball since 6th grade,” Alvarez states. Straight out of elementary school, she started playing volleyball. “What motivates me to continue playing, is the bonds and the family I made with my teammates and the coaches,” Alvarez said. She grew up playing the sport so she already had a burning passion for it.

“I’m in JV but I hope to make varsity next year if I keep playing and working hard,” Alvarez said. She is currently in Junior Varsity. She is aiming to make Varsity her senior year and also aiming to be more successful.

“This year our team has been working hard” Being in a sport for that long isn’t always easy. You have to work together as a team and there are some tough losses the team has to face. “We’ve lost twice in the league, we’re hoping to be 8-2 in league” Alvarez and her team still have hope.

“Overall we are doing great and we’re having fun while doing it.”

Being in a sport isn’t always easy, having to keep up with classes and still having to be so dedicated to her sport. Alvarez is always determined because she grew fond of her teammates along with her coaches.