College Football: Will your college football team live up to the hype this season?


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(Left to Right) JT Daniels #18, Kyrs Barnes #14, Devonta Smith #6 playing in their respective teams for the college football season.

Marco Morales and Melvin León

The time for NCAA Division I college football has arrived once again and college student-athletes are grinding their heart out for a shot to play in the almighty NFL. Our fellow Grizzlies had an intake for this year’s college football season, as well as hopes for their teams.


More than 100 college football teams will participate throughout the regular season from Aug. 25 through Dec. 8. The postseason starts on Dec. 15 and goes through Jan. 8. Around 27.4 million viewers tuned in to watch last year’s national championship on ESPN alone.


With the new season, the reigning champions and powerhouse Alabama Crimson Tide are looking to retain their glory from last season. The USC Trojans are looking for a possible playoff run with their new starting quarterback J.T. Daniels who recently joined the team from Mater Dei, located in Santa Ana, CA.


Junior, Jonatan Lozano, said, “I support Alabama, they have never had a bad team overall, they usually have good seasons, good records. They hold a good coaching staff too. I expect them to make the finals again just like last year.” Lozano has his hopes high for Alabama and recommends other students to tune into Alabama’s fan base because of their difference of intensity in the game compared to the NFL. The players work hard to make it towards their goal to join the NFL, therefore they are always playing with great passion and pride.


Junior, Valentin Valencia, comments, “I support Texas Longhorns, I like the Texas’ atmosphere and their way of football. They’re going to make it far but I don’t see them going to the national championships. I don’t think they are ready for that type of level of football.” Valencia encourages his fellow Grizzlies to support the Longhorns because of their great program and how consistent they are every year.


Junior, Bryan Mirafuentes, mentions, “I support Penn State, they are one of the top powerhouses in college football right now. They haven’t really played that many difficult opponents so far. I hope they make the playoffs and hopefully make the national championship.” With Mirafuentes’ confident start for his Penn State Lions, he highlights his reasoning for other students on campus to root for his side because of their strong selection of talented players and their hopes for the grand prize for this season.


Who will you support?