Sports Spotlight: Donna Tran


Ana Orozco

From left to right, Western High School athlete plays against Samantha Tapia and Donna Tran at the McFadden Middle School tennis court on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018.

Ana Moreno and Ana Orozco

With no prior experience in the sport, Donna Tran serves a key role for the Godinez Fundamental High School Varsity tennis team.

“Tennis is a sport like no other,” Tran describes her passion. Tran is a part of the junior class of 2020 at GFHS and the Girls’ Varsity tennis team. She is incredibly committed to the sport and everything she participates in.  

Tran only began the tennis journey last year. “I joined tennis because I wanted to be more involved around the school,” expressed Tran. She is currently a member of NHS, ASB Senate, the Vice President of Godinez Key Club and surprisingly has time to fit Varsity tennis into her rigorous AP schedule. Tran manages her school work and sports extremely well, being the perfect example of a scholar-athlete.


Tennis has not always been easy for her, as she has faced some challenges lacking experience outside of school. Although she admitted, “I am lucky that the coaches are accepting of new students who are eager and will put effort into participating in the sport.”

Tran affirms from her experiences in the team that “As a tennis player, it is important for you to stay motivated and be assertive.” Her dedication to the sport is very apparent and she learned how to show her full abilities and potential as a player.

Transitioning from Junior Varsity to Varsity tennis, Tran has shown to be a very friendly and essential member to the team. “Donna’s an amazing friend that I look up to. She’s a great leader and a role model,” teammate Erika Hernandez acknowledges. Samantha Tapia, Tran’s tennis partner, also adds that, “She keeps me motivated during every match. She stays positive and reminds me to do the same.” Evidently, Tran is a very kind player; she has left a positive impact on the girls.

Tran would like to thank Coach Cortez and Coach Parga for introducing her to the sport that changed her life. “I appreciate all that they have taught me, both inside and outside the courts.” Tran further explained that she will continue to improve herself through more practice.

GFHS Varsity girls’ tennis has had a rough start to their 2018-19 season, with only two wins so far. Having such an ace member and overall skilled player like Tran on the team, can the Varsity tennis girls advance with more wins?