Up and Coming Boy Band “In Real Life” Wants to Belong in OC

Eduardo Rosas and Alexa Penaloza

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In Real Life, the upcoming boy band that is shaking up the music world is coming to Anaheim at The Parish located in the House of Blues and we are going to their concert.

The concert will take place on Friday night, September 28.

In Real Life opened for the “American Idol Summer Tour” in the summer of 2018. Across the U.S., fans who followed the group members throughout the TV series are now joining in on their journey as an upcoming boy band.

Hit singles like, “Tonight Belongs to You, Tattoo (How ‘bout you),” and “Eyes Closed,” are all songs we look forward to hearing from the group formed on ABC’s American reality show “Boy Band.”

Stay tuned for coverage on the concert and our experience.