Just What I NEEDed or: How I Learned to Stop Caring and Love Social Media

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Just What I NEEDed or: How I Learned to Stop Caring and Love Social Media

Steve Pineda, Staff Writer

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Materialistic. Toxic. Fake. The list goes on and on describing how bad social media is, so why even use it?  Is it all just a ruse to impress everybody around school? Even if it makes people miserable? Of course not.

Following the summer assignment, Godinez was exposed to Joelle Charbonneau’s “NEED” a fictional commentary on the aspects of materialism and social media in. Lessons were taught to make sure we know the dangers of every single website. It is ingrained in student’s minds to use social media with extreme care.

But why does social media only get demonized by the majority rather than praised? Most people are on the positive side of the spectrum, but the majority of voices speaking up are always the opposite.

Despite the toxic comments, social media has several sides that play as a place for catharsis, not just being braggadocio. It’s true, I can go on and on about how “Social media unites the world.” That’s already been talked about. But social media can bring an emotional release on a scale which your journal cannot bring.

Social media accounts with a more tight-knit follower base known as “spams” or just private accounts are essentially a message board that allows people to express freely whatever they’re feeling without the aforementioned pressure that comes with deciding what to post on their main account. As corny as it may seem to some, having a platform that isn’t that one friend you always vent to is a massive relief.

Senior Joe Sarabia,  who has a private account on Instagram as a way to vent and show his interests. “My account is pretty important to me, I don’t really show what I like anywhere else and it does help whenever there’s a thing I can’t just say out loud,” Sarabia said.

For people like Joe, it doesn’t become a bragging platform, but a place to express his freedom of creativity.

Social media does not have to be used as a place to show who you are and what you are feeling, but it can also be used as the basis of your business. With the mass amount of pictures being posted online every day, why not show your product instead of just yourself?

Junior Nallely Gomez, has utilized her follower base as well as her sense of fashion to start her own shop online through Instagram. Since Instagram is purely pictured based, Gomez can easily post pictures of her clothes for sale and have it accessible to her customers in an instant. Instagram in this sense is a better, more convenient way to showcase clothes as opposed to making a whole website. With her customer base growing larger and larger, Gomez is a perfect example of just how useful social media can be in comparison to the image it is given. If you’d like to support said business, follow Gomez at @moldybtq

It would not be a complete social media article if we did not mention our Journalism photographer, Chris Cornejo. Cornejo is one of our greatest photographers, so rather than keep this merely a hobby, he uses Instagram as a way to showcase his work, as well as to attract customers that want his use services.

Showcasing a photo service on photo-based media is the epitome of convenience, with Instagram, Cornejo is even more inclined to continue his business and grow. “Instagram is a good connector between my business and myself”, Cornejo said. Even if you have not been plugged dozens of times like I have, go ahead and follow Cornejo’s page at @chriscornejo.photography.

Although NEED was a great novel, and Charbonneau was a great guest for our Grizzlies, students cannot be blinded by social commentary. Social media is not just the materialistic contest between everyone and their mother to show off how pretty they or their belongings are to the world.

Do not let the trials and tribulations that social media brings discourage you from the potential and creativity that you can utilize with it. There are times where you need to stop worrying about the perceived “dangers” and embrace social media.