Another Year, Another Heartbreaking Loss for Godinez

Aristeo Miranda, Staff Writer

If this was a movie, Godinez would have won.

But Godinez lost once again. They have only beaten Segerstrom High School, their rivals, once in the past ten years.

But this game was different. It was dedicated to Andrew Loera, a teammate and recent graduate (class of 2018), who was stabbed at a party and passed away on Saturday, August 18, 2018.

Sadly, Godinez could not get the win and lost with the final score of 55-0 to Segerstrom.

The game was not close at all as Segerstrom was the better team that night. Godinez was weak in their defense and did not perform well including their offense failing to get at least one touchdown.

Axel Gonzalez, a senior who plays defensive tackle, was upset he did not get to play his last rivalry game due to an injury.

“It felt horrible not contributing to my team, I wish I could have helped them,” said Gonzalez. “The rivalry game is not what we expected, I think we could have planned things a bit different,” he concluded.

Irving Alvarado, a senior who plays offensive tackle and defensive tackle, was also upset of losing his final rivalry game.

“I feel disappointed since it was my last year but I know that we left it all on the field,” said Alvarado. “Something I feel we could have done differently is not overthinking at the beginning of the game,” said Alvarado.

Godinez recently lost their star player Patrick McMorris who left to play at Santa Ana High School. Would McMorris have made a difference? That is the question with no definitive answer.

“When Patrick left we were in shock, we relied on him for everything but it did help (us) develop more as a team,” said Gonzalez.

“I think Patrick could have made a difference in the game but it is a team sport so I don’t know if the outcome would have been different,” said Alvarado.

Mario Lopez, a senior also believes Patrick could have made a difference. Lopez said, “I feel that Patrick could have made an impact because of what a great player he is but the game isn’t just about one player.”

Lopez believes it has been hard to find what’s best for the team since the departure of a specific player. However, for Lopez, it’s just another game. “It is a bad feeling we lost, but at the end of the day, it’s just another game and in all my years that’s the way I always treated it.”

Win or lose, the team is proud and hopeful. The fans enjoyed themselves and had a good time watching the game regardless of the final score.

The following week, on August 31, Godinez beat Portola High School with the final score 28-22.

But against Rancho Alamitos High School last Friday, Sept. 14, the score was 29-0 Rancho. Setting Godinez up for a challenging season ahead with 1-3 games tally so far this season.