Welcome to Your Senior Year

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Welcome to Your Senior Year

Ashley Beltran, Reporter/Broadcasting

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It’s 8 a.m. you wake up and realize that first period has started without you… welcome to your Senior Year.


With such a sudden early start to school, it can be rough. And graduation will be here earlier than ever. But before we count down how many days are left, let’s discuss how to have a memorable senior year at Godinez.


As it is your last year, basic yet true advice, get involved. It’s your last year so make it count, don’t be that kid who clocks in and clocks out. Join a club, create a club, apply to programs that interest you! Did I mention that these extracurricular activities make you stand out on your resume? It’s never too late to begin a new journey.


Speaking of getting involved, why not go to all the dances? Yes, every single one. Many grizzlies have never gone to a dance because you possibly feel that it is not worth it. But it is what you make of it and of course the people you choose to go with. Just get off the couch, stop binging Netflix and go!


While Senior Year is the most exciting year, it is also the most expensive year. If you’re a senior right now and money is an issue, apply for scholarships to help purchase the items you need, and get a part-time job that correlates with your schedule. Don’t overwork yourself, but if you need the money work 2-3 shifts a week. If there are offers like the Senior Package, then take advantage because buying the items individually will cost much more, like $130 more.


And don’t worry, you’ll make it through and be proud of all the stuff you’ve accomplished. Many people need to hear this because as college season approaches and letters get sent out… people don’t feel worthy. Regardless of your status in academics, feel proud of yourself. Rejection is ok, it is an essential part of life. Have the courage to apply to any college you want (but maybe not Harvard) it doesn’t matter if you won’t get accepted because you’ll never know unless you try. Take risks its part of life. Waitlists happen too.  


As the school year comes to an end… just go make memories that you will cherish forever. In eight months, several situations can happen, learn to appreciate everyone around you because who knows, you might never see these people ever again. So be nice, it doesn’t cost anything.