Grizzlies Take Flight

Mary Roman & Alex Reyes

Bryan Rivera, Staff Writer

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 As underclassmen become seniors, taking into consideration helpful programs could be beneficial when deciding where to apply to college, especially when those programs include a free ride across the U.S.

The fly out program is a merit based opportunity offered only to the top seniors at Godinez. The program  provides the selected seniors with the resources and guidance to go through with applications submitted to various colleges and universities throughout the United States to be flown out  to their locations.

The program itself has been an aspect of Godinez and has been unique to this school. However, this year there was a change in management, as the torch was handed down to counselor Matthew Hall.

When asked what it was like managing the program this year, Hall responded  “It was a pleasure to get to know students both in and outside of my caseload. Learning about the struggles that students go through at home, and seeing the resilience they show on a daily basis is truly inspiring. There was always going to be a transition period after Oxx left, but I was happy to take on the challenge.”

Although Hall was the successor of Gerry Oxx, last year’s director, there was fewer than a dozen people who actually flew out to colleges outside of California this year as opposed to other years that have had a greater turnout of participants.

Halls response to this was “After taking over for Mr. Oxx, I wanted to get a feel for how to run the program with a smaller group of students. I also took into account the amount of students who actually wanted to stay in-state. With outstanding options in the UC/Cal State system, it was difficult for some students to fathom going out of state. Also, given the current political climate in the country, I know some students were more comfortable staying local. It is my goal to increase this number in the future, but only if students are comfortable going out of state.”

Nonetheless, the number of participants can be expected to increase in the next year. Top seniors are already being scouted and will be notified early on in the next school year about their new opportunity.

“I only have expectations for myself, and ensuring that I am increasing the number of opportunities that students have to go see universities. We will always have exceptional students here at Godinez, and it is my goal to help them get to where they want. I plan on tightening my timelines a little, getting more out of state universities on campus, and being able to connect with more students.”